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Thread: djDEVILISHrd's 1991 TT

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    Default djDEVILISHrd's 1991 TT

    So its Saturday at 11:00pm, and I still don't have my car back. Unfortunately one of the Coil Overs was seized out of the box (The perch was stuck and couldn't be turned to change the height) and needs to be sent back. I was at the shop last night as they finished the wiring for the electric fans and the boost controller and turbo timer.

    Any way, every problem has turned into a positive outcome.

    The shop working on my car is doing an awsome job, the care and attention to detail is second to none.

    We had a problem with the Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust. The tips didn't line up to the factory cutouts in the rear bumper.

    The shop I'm at (PRT - Progressive Race Technologies) made me a custom exhaust. The owner (Juan) picked out two Apexi N1's with the Black Finish. The welder at the shop basically made a work of art that will be strapped under my car and will spew out hot exhaust gases for the rest of its life.

    The pictures speak for themselves.

    I just can't wait to hear what it sounds like.
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    Sorry to hear that DJ. What kind of coilovers were those? That's some bad manufacturing!

    The wait must be killing you but I'm sure you'll love the results. You've really taken Soarer to a nice level, maybe similar to Griffin's style.

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    They Were Teins. They are nice coilovers. Just a freak thing.

    I can't wait to play with my car though. I've never had so many mods at once.

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    Very weird, as far as I've heard Tein is one of the best when it comes to suspension. I hope the Japanese part makers don't start outsourcing to China or Taiwan....manufacturing is still not one of the strong points over there

    Any ETA on your car?

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    Wow DJ, that exhaust looks awesome. I'm sure it will sound EXTREMELY badass with 2 N1's!

    I look forward to sound clips

    a new susp is always sweet. Changes the car's feel so much. I'm sure you'll love it!
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    tommorow morning I will have the car back, they are just setting up the boost controller anf front suspension tonight.

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    Awesome DJ, I'm excited for you. I'm sure you're going to feel a huge difference in performance and handling!

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    Hey, now that is a work of art. Can't wait to hear it too. Will you have the car on the road by Saturday?

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    I got my fingers crossed.
    got the suspension in now, everything is back together but now we have no boost. so just getting that sorted out.

    we will see.

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    Default Nooooooo Turbo Might Be Hooped

    So really bad news, potentially...

    The car wasn't boosting last night.

    At first we thought it was an issue with the new boost controller.

    But the last time we tested it, the turbo was making a whining sound and I was getting alot of smoke.

    I'll know by noon if the turbo is toast.

    So I guess here is the dilema, if it is toast, do I get a replacement (used of course) for a reasonable deal, or do I go all out and do a big single and new manifold? The later option would be expensive but the gains would be outstanding.

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