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    Hi guys looking to export a car to canada i now i need a letter from the manufacture which i have and need a BOL from the shipper
    can i use a v5 as proof of owner ship for the car or a letter from the dvla

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    You actually don't need that letter but it can't hurt if it's easy to get. If you proof of the first registration (which should end up on your Export document) and that date is 15 years old, you'll have no issues.

    Technically visitors can bring newer cars into Canada that they own (I made a thread with some of the details) I believe if they're on a VISA/student etc...

    Sorry I can't offer more details, you'd be best to check with your local authorities/DMV to see what records and advice they can offer and maybe your local customs.

    Please keep us updated with what you find, what you've done and how it goes. I'm sure others in the UK probably wonder how to do the same.

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