I donít like silver on cars, and because my favorite colour is yellow.... well you can guess at whatís coming next. I spray bombed the Loyale, and made it look like one of the Argo road Maintenance vehicles. (Which are actually located just down the road from my work)
The paint was on sale, and it was either Tractor Red or Old Equipment Yellow. All in all it took about 7 cans, not including the primer. There was the usual rust around the back wheel wells, which was grinded away and treated with rust converter. Iíll have to fabricate some sheet metal patches when I get back to my popís shop next week for the bigger spots.

The guard is almost done now, and made from 1Ē steel gas pipe. I just need to find a way to attach it to the bottom towing hooks on the car. I was considering a bench press bar because of the shape. There is a metal guard on the bottom of the car protecting the exhaust and oil pan, so a straight piece of metal is out of the question. I assume those bars are made from steel, because frankly I donít think they care about the extra few lbs when working out, right?

Also the gas tank was leaking from one of the lines. I noticed when I filled it last week. So I located the leak, and I think it was rust collecting between the rubber hose and the metal connector sticking out of the gas tank. I siphoned the gas, but didnít react fast enough and it ended up in my lungs and stomach. The rest of my Saturday was spent in the hospital burping up fumes. It was the nastiest thing ever. Urghhh. But, the gas was removed; I cleaned the connection, bought some small hose clamps, and reattached the hose without having to drop the tank. IF it still leaks, Iíll drive it till itís empty before touching it again.

One other thing. The clutch on this car is a mother to push in. City driving for more than 10 min will give you a leg cramp. Any idea as to why the clutch is so stiff? I heard as they wear down they get harder to push. Is that true? Itís not hydraulically operated, but a cable attached with a spring. Thanks in advance.