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Thread: Post Your Soarers

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    Default Post Your Soarers

    Here's Mine,

    a little frosty and cold right now.
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    Hi DJ

    Nice Soarer, when did you bring it in and what plans do you have for it?

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    I bought in November, 2007.

    Received it at my house on January 18, 2007.

    THe whole process was very easy when you have the right contacts.

    If you want I can get you the dealer I used in Japan, the Broker I used in Canada, the De-Stuffer in Canada AND the Trnasporter I used to get my car from Vancouver to My City.

    As for the Car, I plan on doing the suspension this year. Maybe the Exhaust as well. I'm going to go with the BFI intake modification. This is an Intake Mod that I discovered on Soarer Central that has been DYNO PROVEN to produce more power then ANY aftermarket intake system.

    Next year I'm going to go with a FMIC and BOV.

    Maybe a bigger Turbo the year after.

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    Hey DJ

    Sounds cool, if you have the name of the shipping company I'd be most interested.

    Did your car come from auction or private sale, what kind of inspection did they do?

    Keep us posted on your progress with the ride. It's really a sweet platform to build on.

    Feel free to post it here or if you want it private PM.


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    Talking Here's a pic of my UZZ31

    Troy here, just introducing myself to the site. Hello all! I'd like to help anyway I can to support our hobby! Fight for the privilege

    (still working the bugs out on my website (under construction))
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    Default Soarers

    Good to see you on here.

    Can't wait to see more pics of your Soarer.

    I've been noticing throughout the WWW that there is a lack of GOOD tec help on the TT.

    Soarercentral is very good and the best resource right now, but it would be nice to see somthing with a more direct list of problems and fixes. Soarer Central is good but you hvae to do alot of searching to find what you need.

    I am thining that here would be a good place to start listing out problems, fixes, part numbers, specs, etc for the Soarer and 1JZ and for other platforms of vehicles as well.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Thank you for the welcome. I agree that is is tough to narrow down some problems we have with our cars. There isn't enough local help for service and parts either. I am a huge fan of Soarer Central, but there is so many posts that are cluttered and baseless from members who answer when they have no idea

    It would be nice to have a dedicated site with easily found info that is checked and reviewed for correctness by users and moderators. Perhaps a site called www.soarerfixesfordummies? I'd be the first one on there!

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    Hey 1toy2nv

    Thanks for the feedback.

    What we're planning to do is have a section on the main site with the specifications of the most popular cars including the Soarer TT and many other cars as well as their most common problems and solutions.

    Forums are great but the problem is that you can read for days and still be confused because it is not laid out very easily.

    Of course we'd want a lot of input and info about the Soarers from members like you and DJ.

    For now feel free to create a thread for problems and solutions and I'll make sure once the vehicle section is up that it is kept in sync with that thread.

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    I was just going to say the same thing as JDMVIP.

    I'm working on some tec notes right now.

    Will have somthing to post soon.

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    This was my old soarer

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