I was curious how this would play out since "officially" they both make about the same 280PS don't they? I personally suspect the GT-R must make more due to the extra displacement alone.

Of course RB25DET NEO is a 2.5L Single (peak torque at 3200 RPM) and the RB26DETT is a 2.6L and Twin Turbo (peak torque at 4400 RPM-but it makes more torque).

GT-T weights just 1430 kg and GT-R weighs 1540 kg.

If they both really make the same BHP then I would think the GT-T should win based on the weight alone but I think GT-R may have more HP than GT-T and that we can't depend on the official numbers.

Does anyone have any old magazines or Best Motoring videos of these cars head to head?

What do you guys think?