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    Default Non Sponsor Vendor Advertisng Question

    I have a question.

    Why was the following post by Zen Autoworks edited to nothing and then locked.

    I guess the answer is....... Zen is not a sponsor so therefore cannot advertise on this forum which I agree with.

    But what confuses me and I do not agree with, why are the other posts by other vendors (non sponsors) not edited nor locked. I do realise the mods have edited some of the other posts a little but you can still workout who and what they are either by the context of the message or by the members name.

    If Zen gets striped to nothing then all others should as well.



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    Hey Mark

    It looks like the thread in question was posted months after the rules were changed so that's why it was removed/edited. I think it would be less confusing if it were just deleted like the other threads.

    I do see your concern with it but want to assure everyone that the rules apply equally to everyone. I browsed the Vendor Sales section and didn't notice any other threads started after the rule change in 2012 (well there were some which were deleted at the time).

    If there are other threads that we haven't seen like then everyone feel free to report them.

    I hope that explains it and if there are any examples of concern please post, PM or report them guys.

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