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Thread: Anyone? DRL on a JDM '94 GT-Four?

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    Default Anyone? DRL on a JDM '94 GT-Four?


    Just wondering whether anyone out there has had any personal experience installing DRLs on a GT-Four?

    I'd rather go the DIY route, mainly because I have so many other things to fix up before I take the car into a safety inspection, and DRLs are mandatory. If I can save $40 from not buying the Hamsar unit, then it'd be great.

    I've searched around for DRL installation guides around the webz, but they're o vague that for a noob like me, I'd probably be destroying the wiring harness if I tried following them instructions.

    So, if anyone has had personal experience with GT-Fours and DRLs, please let me know!


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    Sorry I have not but I'm quite sure it has been done before here.
    If you can't figure it out there's always the HAMSAR kit from Canadian Tire that is fairly risk free (you will need to find a power source in the engine bay such as a sensor or in the fuse box that activates only when the engine is started).

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    I'll try and wait until the Hamsar unit goes on sale at Canadian Tire, but in the mean time, I'm looking into wiring and was at Lordco the other day. What guage wiring should I be looking into buying if I decide to be wiring things like lights and such if I'm going to be tapping into 12v sources around the engine?

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    I'm not too sure but to be safe I'd try and stay close to whatever the stock lighting system uses (the heavier the better I guess).

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    I'd ask the guys on, there might be some guys on there with experience.

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    Just a little update:

    I've started a thread on on the status on my ST205.

    Feel free to reply here if you've got any advice, or have any questions!

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    Cool it's nice to see some pics of the car finally . I hope you can make a thread here for us with more pics!

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    I've decided between two ideas.

    1. Hamsar unit from Canadian Tire, and wire up the fog lights. But fog lights cost more to replace when they burn out.

    2. Buy a DRL relay harness and LED lights (various types) off ebay for roughly the same price, if not a few dollars more than the Hamsar unit.

    Here's what I'm thinking if I go option #2:

    Splice them into my accent lights inside my low beams. The harness to the accent lights on both sides are a Green and White wire.

    L-Shaped LED lights on the sides

    L-Shaped LED lights on the bottom

    L-Shaped LED lights on the top

    Bar-Shaped LED lights in the grill

    Or, my last option, is to buy the 12" or 24" flexible LED strips, which you can also cut apart every 3 lights to shorten, and conform them somewhere.


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    I would just get the canadian tire kit and run it to the headlights, i used this kit on my car and its a pretty easy install. Also im not sure if a led light bar would qualify as day time running light.

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    I second the cheap relay kit for the simplest way to go and since you have the extra socket in the headlights you could just use them instead of cutting into the main low beam wiring.

    I looked briefly at the idea of using DRL modules by Toyota. The Canadian Toyota's had 4 extra relays to power the DRLs. I am not 100% sure, but I believe the wiring harnesses may be the same and have the connectors to use with the CND DRL relays.

    These would be expensive from Toyota, but it may be worth a trip to a pick-a-part to see if you could scavenge the ones you need and see if they will work. That is just another option, I don't know if it is worth the time and effort if it takes much more than that.

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