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Thread: Ej20g in 2003ts crazy build

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    Arrow Ej20g in 2003ts crazy build

    This project is goin on a year now. It is not finished.
    It has been a tumultuous project.
    I am on my third rebuild.
    Not including two rebuilds on the first engine.
    It started as a quick turbo for nonturbo car And has turned into a mild obsession.
    I guess that's what I should expect for putting a JDM obd1 in an OBD2 chassis.
    I did a lot of research despite the naysayers, And thought I could figure it out.
    But yet here we are. Goals have changed with each rebuild.
    Each time bigger and better.
    All sensors are new or modified. All internals are forged. Aftermarket headers, up pipe, turbo, down pipe,...wrapped and blanketed.
    Oil cooler relocatin and filter relocation....
    Blouch turbo (tdo5 16g xtr)
    Originally a chipped robtune stock ecu that I spun bearings with twice!
    (Possibly no fault of his own, but he has the ecu and chip now and will be testing this weekend)
    Pholenic spacers, 2006 sti 550 injectors, custom fuel rails, custom parallel fuel lines.
    Custom air/water kit.
    2003+ coil conversion.
    iWire modded harness.
    Crazy.....let me repeat....Crazy amount of work.
    The block is in half now. Just got the new crank today.
    Waiting to measure it out and throw the block back together with new (for the second time) Manley rods.
    It's really too bad they don't sell singles (for my wallet)
    This list does not include all the parts that every good rebuild requires....each time you do it.
    Pumps, gaskets, studs, fluids, and composites.
    So this is where obsession is kicking in. Lol

    I have a ton of good but used ej20g parts, and knowledge at this point.
    Anything that could/can/has been compromised has been scrapped for quick and cheap $$.

    So in-queries on parts are welcome, but I will not post a full for sale until I get this car running right.

    The block is fully torn down as of today.
    Any picture requests or part numbers are welcome.
    I want this thread to be as informative as I can be to help others with the stupidity I stepped into and the awesomeness I refuse to not have.

    All said and done i will post running vids, pics, etc.

    Cheers to the forum!

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    It sounds like an awesome build but you're missing the pics.
    Do you have any plans for the body, maybe to get some USDM STi pieces?

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    Are you going to keep running the robs tune or will you be going with a new standalone ECU.

    By the sounds of it you're looking to make a little power. You don't see a ton of built up 20G's mostly due to lack of tuning options and it would be very interesting to watch.

    Because it's just not an STI without a slightly ridiculous wing on the back

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    Binary so how is the project coming?

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