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Thread: DIY: Oil Catch Can for cheap

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    Default DIY: Oil Catch Can for cheap

    Saw this on another forum, and decided to try myself.
    Yes, you can get stuff for cheaper on eBay, but I'm all about trying my own way, especially when it comes to my own car.

    I made two stops today before work (Lordco & Home Depot), but I probably could have gotten everything at Home Depot.

    Total spent: ~$29 after tax

    Home Depot:
    Air Compressor Filter
    1/4" vacuum tube cap
    Teflon Tape
    1/4" Tube clamp

    2 x Barb Fitting pipes (3/8" Hose fitting, 1/4" Male NPT ends)

    I forgot to buy the filter material itself, so it'll probably cost an extra few dollars.

    First, disassemble the Air Compressor filter. All you need is the top, the O-Ring gasket, and the bottom case. It all screws apart, so it's nice and easy.

    I then had to use a flat-head screwdriver to keep the valve from opening in towards the tube itself when putting the 1/4" vacuum tube cap on.

    And I pushed down the cap as best as I could.

    Next up, use the 1/4" tube clamp of your choice (this was the one available to me at Home Depot), to clamp the cap, tight.


    Next up, I wrapped Teflon tape around the threaded ends of the barb fitting pipes.

    And I put it all together.

    So my next step is to buy the filter to stuff into the tube, then attach it onto my engine.

    I'll be posting that real soon, once I get my intake hose to replace, I'll be attaching this sucker, and updating this thread.

    Stay tuned!

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    Wow nice job, do keep us updated!
    1998 Mitsubishi Evo 5 GSR

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    Any updates on this?

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    Haha, glad you guys replied.
    I actually found out that my car has a stock oil catcher, so installing this would have been redundant. So this contraption has been sitting on my garage workbench all this time. I may just install this for shi*s & giggles though.

    I've finally had my car insured for a little over a month, and I'm still finding out new things about my car every time I work on it, and always finding little things that I want to get fixed.

    I'm loving driving this car though and am finding every little excuse just to get behind the wheel.

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