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Thread: Rb25 neo 6 timing belt change

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    Default Rb25 neo 6 timing belt change

    Hey my friend has a skyline with a rb25 neo 6 swap and needs to change his timing belt. I read online that its the same timing belt as the rb25 but a different water pump. Does anyone know if this is true or have any experience with this engine. Also what puppies and tensioners should he replace. Thanks

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    Timing belt is the same..

    Pumps are very similer:
    Here is some good info about water pumps for the RB

    I would get this:
    Ebay Timing Belt

    and a N1 pump and call it a day.

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    ummm yeah its late and im kinda tired... i sais that if your timimg belt went then its a 100 guarantee that you timing belt went with it.... i meant you valves went with it,,,,

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