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Thread: Subaru Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)

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    Thumbs up Subaru Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)

    Subaru EPC for all models, USDM, JDM, EUDM.

    Sourced it by googling 'Subaru FAST'

    Came across it from a fellow Subaru forum:

    EPC is translated from Russian. Tough to navigate at first but it quickly makes sense. Use USDM or EUDM as english references for names of models or sub-catgeries, for example.

    -Has option to input VIN # although haven't given that a shot yet.
    -When looking at a specific part, has listing of specific engines or vehicle models 'that' part was found on to greatly help narrow down the sought after part.
    -EUDM section does not necessarily contain all or any JDM models in case anyone is trying to use that section for it being in english.

    Just have a crack at it despite it being in a different language, navigate, figure out the layout, many different sections, pages of sections, sub-categories, pages of sub-categories, diagrams, pages of diagrams, you get the jist. Great tool.

    (Thanks jdmvip)
    '98 USDM 2.5GT BD5 EJ25D - Subaru heaven
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    This is very useful but the actual program is still the best, I still haven't found a good version yet but did download a whole bunch of ISOs and Subaru databases recently that I'll try hosting soon.

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    Looks like the website and link I posted about that once used to host the Subaru FAST no longer hosts it.
    '98 USDM 2.5GT BD5 EJ25D - Subaru heaven
    '98 JDM RS-B BD5 EJ20R - Current beast

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    Hey nat

    I did a FAST update in this thread about a month ago so hopefully it helps.

    I've created a fileserver for us so these files never go missing

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