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Thread: Aristo and GS300 diff/same parts

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    Default Aristo and GS300 diff/same parts

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed any differences/similarities between the two. Maybe there's another thread for this already.

    I noticed the 2nd gen Aristos 97+ with the touch screen/gps is the same unit as the 2001-2005 GS300.

    The unit on the older 98-00 lexus has a slightly different design.

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    A lot of parts will fit, but there will be some unexpected differences.

    For example, OEM Nissan mud flaps for Japan are often color-coded, made of much better rubber/plastic and will have MSRP of around $150, while OEM Nissan mud flaps for Europe for the same vehilce could be black, from cheap plastic and MSRP of $20.

    Both would fit mechanically, but the looks and feel would be different.

    Toyota will easily make 5 mechanically different rearview mirrors for Japan/UK/Continental Europe/Australia/North America for fundamentally the same vehicle like a Camry/Camry Gracia.

    Then specifically for radios/touch screens/GPS, Toyota often changes these units between model years even when there is no facelift.

    As an example, 2000 Camry and 2001 Camry would have different JBL head units even though these Camrys are technically the same model (both are post-facelift). But these head units will be fully replaceable.

    An easy way to compare part numbers is to look at respective catalogs. When part numbers match, you know it's the same part. But many times the parts would fit while part numbers would be different, good examples would be like brake pads or even oil filters

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    Here is an easy way to compare part numbers, for example, for 1st Gen Aristo/GS:

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