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Thread: My OOP Safety Inspection Experience (Vancouver, BC)

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    Smile My OOP Safety Inspection Experience (Vancouver, BC)

    So I finally had my inspection today, and I'll recap it for y'all.

    First off, there were previous suggestions to get the inspection done at MFRT.
    - $200 for inspection fee
    - knowledgeable of JDM cars
    - Bonus: a quick short drive to the shop from my house
    - right off the bat, told me that I'd need DOT lights, DRLs, and neutral safety switch installed ($$$).

    I Googled the shop, and read around on some of the results, and the general consensus was not the greatest, so I became hesitant to get my inspection done there.

    I eventually called and found out that OK Tire (1843 Kingsway) would accept my GT-Four for an inspection for $89. Now, there is an OK Tire (1006 SW Marine Dr) which is closer to where I reside, but I didn't know that until I called the Kingsway location and made my appointment. I'm not sure whether the Marine Drive location will offer inspections on JDM cars.

    Inspection only took about an hour. I failed, but that's ok because I knew going in I was going to fail on a few things.

    Here's what they dinged me for:
    A crack in my rear left taillight lens - A slight crack on the outermost lining of the taillight. ugh)
    A chip in my front right high-beam lens.
    Non-functional horn (the grounding wire got disconnected somehow, so it's fixed now)
    Tires - probably because they're balding, but I also went in limping on my spare tire due to a slow leak in one of my tires. I'm in the process to find new wheels and tires.
    DRLs - apparently using my accent lights with LEDs didn't do the trick for them. They told me that the low-beams have be DRLs. I'm sure if I had wired up my fog-lights, that would have been ok as well.
    Headlight Aiming - This was kind of expected after my lens swap that I performed.

    They said that there'd be no fee for a re-inspection if I brought the car back within 10 days. I told them that I need to buy parts online, so it may be longer, and they said that they'll take a look at my mileage and probably wave the fee when I bring it back.

    Very friendly people there at OK Tire. They complimented my car for it's awesome AWD, and they didn't try to push any services onto me such as selling me new tires or realigning my headlights (which they can do). When I walked in to pick up my car, they said I failed, showed me what I failed, and handed me my keys (after I paid). I approve of that.

    This is why I recommend OK Tire on Kingsway in Vancouver.

    I'm glad that my suspension and other vital parts passed.
    Now, off to eBay to upgrade some parts, haha.

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    Thanks for posting this. MF Tech really are getting very anal and I am not going to send other customers there from now on. I'm thinking these guys are getting pressure from passing so many JDM's (much like the same as Alberta shops) and are feeling that they have to find something to fail so that they can prove their doing their jobs..

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    I love how anal places are.

    a chip on the Headlights.. really.. i bet if you were to bring a rusted out beater from Alberta with chips and cracks all over they would pass it in a second.. but a mint RHD car.. Oh No, chips.. its unsafe.. what a bunch of BS.

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    But somehow missed these two suckers on my windshield

    And missed that my car doesn't have a neutral safety switch.

    I'm kinda glad they missed my windshield and the switch, as I'm already spending so much on getting this car fixed just to get it on the road. I was also a little irked that my rear taillight crack warranted a fail.

    Here's an article from CBC which was posted a week ago on the inconsistencies of these inspections.

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    That was an interesting CBC video..

    you should just bring your car to: H.K. Auto, as mentioned in CBC report they seem to be the most slack.. lol.

    what i find strange about that video is that the Vehicle in mention was a 2006 Jeep, So not 15 years old, which means it would be imported via the RIV.. so doesnt need a Provincial inspection.. it just needs a federal (RIV) inspection, which only Canadian Tire and a select few other shops are authorized to do.
    RIV Inspection

    just food for thought.

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    Thanks for tip Jeebus.

    Crap, I guess I'm not going to take it to MF Tech if they're going to charge $200 and know that they'll fail the non-dot lights...

    OK Tire with their anal inspection would be fine if they'll allow the lights. Everything else could be fixed, whereas the lights would be major headache.
    I guess I'll decide when I see the car and what condition it's in.

    I might have to take it to HK Auto worst case lol.

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    Ok tire will definitely check for either DOT or E-code lights, as well as DRLs. They asked me whether I had those issues fixed before I made my appointment when I told them my car was JDM.

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    Hmm so I take it your GT lights were already dot or e-code from factory?

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    I did a lens swap so that I could keep the accent light, as well as get DOT approval.

    Unfortunately though, I've had to replace all the major lights on the exterior But the fogs and the side markers since I bought this car. XD

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    Nice retrofit! Lucky you have USDM equivalent so it's just a swap for compliance.
    Not sure what I'll do now. I have no DOT equivalent lights to do a swap.
    My plan was to have a shady inspector pass the lights as-is, then do a proper projector light retrofit into the housings so I have a good beam pattern. Still doesn't comply with DOT this way though.
    If all else fails to get these lights passed, I'll have to get Hella projectors which are DOT stamped, then retrofit those into the housings.
    I'd prefer not to go this route because the beam pattern on the Hellas are not that great, plus a lot more work to retrofit into the housings.

    I seriously might have to consider taking it to some place like HK Auto...
    And just for some stupid stamp on the light rather than considering a proper beam pattern...

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