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Thread: ST205 : Wheel fitment

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    Default ST205 : Wheel fitment

    Got my new tires and wheels today:
    '94 JDM GT-Four, stock TRD suspension

    Previous tires & Wheels:
    Again - 16x7 ET35
    Bridgestone Blizzaks - 205/55/R16

    New Setup:
    Rota Grids - 17x8 ET35
    General G-Mas AS-03 - 215/45/R17

    Rear (plenty of space):

    Front (plenty of space):

    The front is quite flush, the rear still sits in the wheel arch, so it could have used some spacers to bring it more flush with the body. I'm still happy with it though.

    So for any of you thinking of getting new rims for a ST205, these rims will fit.

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    Nice looking set of rims and nice choice of tire. I was deciding between Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus UHP All Season, your G-Max AS03s and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric-All Season UHP, all had fairly good reviews for dry, wet and light snow performance.

    Can you do a review of dry, wet and snow handling of your G-Max AS03s?

    I ended up getting Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season on my Aristo but can't say much about them since I didn't drive them for more than a few days before the Aristo's been off the road due to electric/other issues.

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    I'm down for a review.

    Unfortunately, I broke my replacement headlight that came in the mail today 60 seconds after I opened the box, so it'll be another week or so before I get another replacement & getting the auto insured.

    I bought these tires under recommendation from Rob (at Garage Five in Richmond) as well as reading the reviews online. I drove on these babies at around 11am today from the garage to my house when it was still snowing a bit. There was no ice on the roads, and some accumulation of snow (mostly slush), and having a car with some oooomph, I stepped on the gas quite a bit on the way home. They seemed to have very good grip in the slush. I'll give a more in depth insight once I can drive more and get a feel for them in different conditions.

    On a side note, when I was driving to the garage in the AM, I saw a white 5th gen Celica (USDM) drive past me, and the driver gave me a rock-on gesture. That was my very first Celica owner-to-owner moment. I'd better get used to this!

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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck, it looks like the car is in perfect running condition at least and you just need to find a decent inspection facility who doesn't try to milk you or fail for random issues. The tires sound good, especially considering all tires are "greasy" before breaking in.

    I hope you get it on the road soon, if you haven't already do a review of your exporter if you can. I appreciate all the good info and experience you've added with your car and how these annoyances benefit others in the long-run, I've been in that boat myself for many problems on this site lol.

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    I actually bought this car in a private sale from a Mexican man in Calgary. Never actually met him in person either. It was his non-english speaking brother whom handled the sale when I got there.

    Finding the problems is half the fun for me. The extra money I saved from buying a good-condition GT-Four is getting well spent on fixing my car, as well as increasing my knowledge of the car and how to fix the little things on my own. Sure, I may have bought a "lemon", but it's all part of the experience. The labour of love, I say(for now).

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    Unless they showed or said otherwise this was probably not a high-grade car I'm guessing. It still sounds like you will have only paid a fair price for the car even with these extra costs.

    This is a good thread for a new topic but it's why I say a landed and registered car is worth more than car that hasn't passed inspection (there is the time, risk and hassle of things going wrong unfortunately and IMHO that is worth money for the time/peace of mind).

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