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Thread: Shipping costs: Perth Auz to Canada?

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    Default Shipping costs: Perth Auz to Canada?

    Just hoping for a rough quick estimate to ship a SMALL car from Perth Australia to Calgary Canada. Not in any hurry to get it but I have only about 2 weeks for the owner to have it at the shipping company in Perth.
    What would this cost for container shipping, grouped with other cars of other people if possible. Is it likely to have it delivered to Calgary or more likely to have to be picked up in Vancouver?

    Any company's to deal with?

    Thanks for any info, just want to see if this is worth while.
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    Default Shipping Perth to Van

    Okay, So just like every NOOB, I posted and then did some reading.

    So what I need is to know is if anybody thinks there is a direct Ro Ro ship from Perth to Vancouver and roughly what it might cost?
    Out of the Closet, or is that the Shoebox
    92 Subaru Vivio RXR Dohc Supercharged 660cc
    16 valves of Fury

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    Interesting question, let us know what you find and don't be sorry for asking a question.

    I would imagine there must be some RORO service from Australia (not sure about Perth specifically) to Vancouver, and if not you'll need to go by container.

    What I would do is contact NYK Line AU from this link:

    Please let us know what you find and good luck.
    BTW what car are you moving here?

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    There is no Ro/Ro service from OZ to Canada, have already done the homework on this a few years back when I had a customer wanting Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carriers from OZ.

    The only option is container and it is not a cheap option, I cannot remember the exact costs now but you need to think of the following.

    1) You need to obtain an Export Approval from the OZ government, the same applies to importing to OZ.

    2) Besides the freight cost from Fremantle Port to Port in Canada, you will also have container packing cost and container movement (moving the container from packing to port side). I have moved a few containers (my personal vehicles) from port side to local in Perth and it will cost anywhere up to AU$600 for movement. Beyond that you will have Fremantle port costs and loading of container onto the vessel.
    Out of all the shipping ports in the world I have had to deal with, Fremantle would be the worse in the aspect they charge like there is no tomorrow.

    3) Just a rough idea, from memory the cost for a 20FT container (not including any local costs in OZ) was about US$3k. There is no direct (OZ to Canada) shipping, it will go via Singapore.

    Finally, make sure your new vehicle is not a "Red Duster", go anywhere off the main roads in WA and you will encounter red dust roads. This dust destroys vehicles in a matter of time, gets in every part of the vehicle and is very corrosive due to the iron ore in the dust.



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    I was hoping you would come onto this thread but didn't want to pressure you by mentioning you here lol.
    Yes, so whatever Mark said......

    If the costs don't make sense it may not be worth it to move your vehicle unless it's your dream car.

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    I will start off by apologizing if this isn't the right location for this post. I tried to search for similar topics, but couldn't find anything for my specific questions and then I found this. I was thinking of shipping my car last week but wondered if it's possible to ship from Australia to Canada now that there is a pandemic going on?

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    In Australia you pay duty on the goods but not on any freight from the place of direct shipment to Australia. So if you buy cars, your broker needs to know what the included freight charges are so they can back them out of the invoice value and only pay duty on the goods. I found sea freight in Melbourne online and they will vary depending upon the regulations set by Australian government and the product being imported.

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