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Thread: EJ20G How to Remove IACV to clean it to cure cold start stall problems and wild idle

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    Well... I need a bigger intercooler, especially if I upgrade the turbo. I do a lot of AutoX and would rather a big TMIC than a FMIC, but that means making space. I'm thinking a Ver8 TMIC would be ideal in terms of value for what you get.

    When tuning, we found that it made the most power at 17.5-18psi, and then started falling off above 18psi. The last things that I could change easily would be intake and intercooler, if I wanted to either run more boost, or replace with a bigger turbo.

    The other half to the equation is maybe getting rid of my stock intake, probably replaced with just a pipe with a filter on the end. I don't need the stock BPV, other hoses, or MAF, so it's really open-ended to what I can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by subiedoobie View Post

    Did you fully remove the IACV? It should be ok to get the bolts off, then the two coolant hoses, but the big hose on top, guessing just air, how does that come apart? I'd like to be able to remove the whole valve and clean it.

    Thanks for the help
    Ya I removed the entire unit. I can't remember but I think that hose just slides out. I wouldn't be too concerned about doing this as it didn't help me any. But then again I think it only took me like ten minutes tops to have the thing out.
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    Thanks for the DIY. Plan on doing this to my 95 wrx

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdmvip View Post
    Here's some pics to give people an idea of where the IACV is.

    The red squares are the IACV unit and the yellow squares are the bolts (sometimes you can't see the actual bolt), but there are two on each side (one high and one low).

    *Note the multi-tap power connector. If you are going to fully remove it, that must be removed too.
    *Make sure you take a picture of the IACV top plug of the angle and also the screw positions. You'll notice they are marked from the factory with white to give you an idea of where the screws are supposed to be. Adjusting the angle of the top plug on the IACV and the screws is said to adjust idle, so make sure you take pictures so you know how to line them up and how deep the screws are. Failing that, you could just adjust things until your idle is where it should be.

    *There are 3 hoses going into it, 2 coolant lines on each side and the clamps can be released by squeezing them together with a wrench.
    *The large one at the back I haven't removed so I'm not sure what it is for.....I'm guessing the obvious, air
    nice very nice

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