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    We're just doing a long overdue rule update that we've discussed for a bit to help even the playing field, protect buyers and keep people informed.

    If anyone has suggestions or think we've missed something please post here (this was typed quickly while doing other things lol).

    Requirements For Selling Vehicles:
    1. The Auction Sheet (if available/sold from auction you should have this from the Exporter/seller).
    2. The exact location of the vehicle (if it's being Imported let us know the landing date).
    3. Detailed pics in and out.
    4. Mileage.
    5. Price.
    6. Registered/Passed Inspection or not.
    7. How many owners if known.

    For those wondering about the above we've seen people advertising vehicles we know are not in their possession or even in the location they claim it to be which creates the potential for fraud.

    Some sellers also sell very high mileage and low grade vehicles without disclosing the R/RA 0,-1,1 grade and this is not fair to sellers of high grade, low mileage vehicles who often pay much higher prices to get a mint vehicle.

    The registered/passed inspection part is important as some vehicles may have pre-existing issues that could make passing inspection difficult and costly. This also helps people understand the difference in FOB, CIF and landed, on the road cost (after changing tires, maintenance, customs fees, inspection fees, taxes etc..).
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