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Thread: STi RA Spec C S202...

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    Default STi RA Spec C S202...

    Just got your PM jdmvip

    No.394/400 60k miles

    It has some nice mods above and beyond the superb S202 STi spec parts
    Although I have been strict about finding a standard car. Lot's of cars were dismissed sporting front mounts etc, but this one is sweeeeeet

    Ohlins Racing coilovers
    Front and Rear Tein Strut Braces
    Zerosports Hoses

    Spec is getting better as parts are arriving but the key is hidden enhancements that improve it's suitability and sustainability on track


    Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:

    ZeroSports Samcos
    STi S202 Turbo Intake
    STi Pro R 6 Speed Gear Knob
    VF34 Roller Bearing Turbo
    RCM Fuel Pump
    Cosworth Panel Filter
    Cosworth 68degree Racing Thermostat
    PTP Turbo Blanket
    CDF Racing Battery '53Racing' Clamp
    Uprated Spark Plugs
    Carbon Radiator Shroud
    Full Motul Fluids Engine/Diff/Coolant
    Redline LWSP Gear Oil
    Gulf Comp Brake Fluid
    FB Tuning Remap

    Suspension Modifications:

    Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper Mount
    Beatrush Propeller Shaft Mount Bushings
    Beatrush Transmission Mount Subaru STI 6MT
    Beatrush Rear Diff Mount Support Bar
    Beatrush Engine Mounts
    Beatrush Rear Diff Lock Spacer Bushings
    Tein Front Strut Brace
    Tein Rear strut Brace
    Whiteline Motorsport Gearbox Cradle Bushings
    Whiteline Camber Bolts
    Whiteline Heavy Duty Steering Rack Mounts
    Whiteline Front Roll Centre Adjustment Kit
    Ohlins Coilovers
    STi S202 Pink Rear Arms

    Wheels/Tires Modifications:

    MY03 BBS STi Black Wheels 17x7.5 225/45/17 Yoko Advan AD08R Tyres

    MY02 RAYS STi Wheels 17x7.5 225/45/17 Yoko Advan AD08 Tyres

    MY05 FSTi Enkei RA Type Wheels 18x8 235/40/18 Federal 595 RSR's

    STi McGuard Black Nuts

    Interior/Exterior Modifications:

    Beatrush Rear Tow Hook Red
    Dark Smoke Side Repeaters
    Rally Armour Rally Flaps
    S202 Carbon GT Spoiler
    S202 Roof Flap
    GC Lock
    Rear Tints
    Fire Extinguisher
    Cargo Net
    STi Genome Boost Gauge
    Private Plate S202 FTW
    Kenwood DD DVD

    Most of which has arrived but bits are still arriving most days

    Really love Beatrush gear, expensive but effective

    Various pics

    More to come It's basically a track car but used on the road when the sun is out...

    My go to Subaru is my GC8 which I love to absolute death

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    Beautiful cars!
    - 1996 Honda Integra J32, ITR Clone -
    - 1992 Honda Civic SI K20a2 Turbo -

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    Beautiful cars, and used right!

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    Latest Pics

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    53Racing nice to see you and sorry for missing this thread!
    How are you enjoying the Spec C S202? If you don't want this car in about 3 years and don't mind shipping to Canada I think me and some others will be fighting over it!

    I really love your GC8, do you have a separate thread for it? It looks to be a mint condition Version 1 STi right?

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    Friend you are killing me here how is the S202?

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    Lol only just seen this

    Going very well, I did a few trackdays and revamped a few things to make them mint

    I will add some more pics but this is how it is on track and now on BBS Spec C wheels

    You can see how stiff it is at the rear, 3 wheels FTW

    Proud of my cleaning efforts on the arches


    Some images pasted as links I don't know why sorry But they open fine

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    Are those pink sti arms factory for the s202?
    - 1996 Honda Integra J32, ITR Clone -
    - 1992 Honda Civic SI K20a2 Turbo -

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    Yes standard on the S202

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