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Thread: FS: Subaru WRX Wagon - Gravel Express / $4850.00

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    Default FS: Subaru WRX Wagon - Gravel Express / $4850.00

    Just bought this as part of our in transit stock. Auction sheet came back with no concerns and secondary inspection in auction there were no problems reported back to me.

    Price for the car is $4850.00 which includes our fee, the car, export from Japan, ocean freight to Canada, and all related import fees in Canada (gst duty, customs clearance, etc.) As well as having us handle all of the paperwork for you until the keys are in your hand. Basically the only thing left to pay except further shipping from Vancouver, BC if needed and inspection / registration costs. Can arrange shipping further into Canada if requested.

    1997 Subaru WRX Wagon – Special edition model called the “Gravel Express"
    5 speed manual
    99,811 Km’s
    Full power options and AC
    EJ20 turbo / AWD

    Aftermarket parts are – Wheels, exhaust, air filter, and suspension.

    The gravel express model is basically the Japan version of the Outback. The gravel express differs over the standard WRX with the inclusion of:

    Bull bars at the front
    External spare wheel attached to the rear tail bumper
    Increased ground clearance (although not in this case due to the aftermarket suspension)
    Side sill running plates

    $1000.00 deposit will hold the vehicle for you while we get more information / photos, inspections, or answer any specific questions you have. After all of this information is presented to you, then you can either proceed to purchase the vehicle or have your deposit refunded.

    Details are here

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    Car is on hold now.

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    Wow very quick pending sale. This WRX is quite interesting as you said it's basically a WRX in a modified Outback chassis.

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    This is now sold.

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