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Thread: Exporter Review Rules & Template

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    Default Exporter Review Rules & Template

    *This is just a rough-draft and we're open to suggestions on this template from both customers and Exporters.

    This is just a guide but I think it will help keep things more fair, transparent and also be more helpful to people reading it.

    One thing we expect is that you provide a thorough, full and honest review with as much detail as possible. Don't feel pressured by your Exporter no matter how much you like them or what relationship you had. It's a disservice to them as feedback and the community if you're not completely truthful about your experience.

    How do you know the Exporter or how did you first find them?
    Eg. they were referred to me, I searched and found them.

    Why did you choose them?

    What services did they provide?
    Eg. you Imported a car and they provided a full inspection and test drive.
    Eg. no service, you just had it sent straight to port with no inspection.Eg. you had parts bought and installed or paint work done.
    What relationship do you have with them if any?

    Are you making money off them for referrals or being paid for this review?

    What did you buy from them and provide some proof if possible (eg. auction sheet, BOL, pics)?

    Overall Rating /5 (based on the average of everything below):
    I give ABC Export company 1/5 because they sent a car with rust.
    I give ABD Export company 5/5 for their good service, value and for the high quality car they sent me.
    I give ABE Export company 2/5 for poor communication and missing too many bids.

    Quality of the Vehicle /5:
    Does the car run well, as described or did it show up with many unreported faults and how serious are they?

    Customer Service /5:
    Did you feel like a valued customer or did you feel rushed or pressured into things you didn't like (eg. an Exporter saying they're busy and they don't recommend you buy that new set of rims).Communication /5:

    This should be judged on these factors:
    • The length of time it takes to get a reply.
    • The quality of the replies (are you reasking the same question and is not being answered or too vague?).
    • Are they following up with you as promised (are you chasing them down to find out where your car is or for the invoice?)
    Shipping /5:
    How long did shipping take? If it took long because the car was not legal or was waiting for parts etc.. make sure you mention this.

    Pricing/Value /5:
    Eg. their fees were low and they offered a full inspection.
    Eg. their fees were OK but they had too many extra charges for inland shipping.

    What went well /5:?

    What could be improved on /5:?

    Pics/Link to build thread:

    Rules for Exporter Reviews
    1. They should be fact based including replies of complaints in a review.
    2. No bias or harm intended, this means do not be unfairly biased for or against someone and do not write a review as retaliation (eg. your Exporter didn't think you deserved $X K back for a fault with the car so you write a half-true review that paints them unfairly). The opposite also applies to the Exporter being reviewed (eg. ABC Exporter is caught doing something very bad or even illegal and it gets exposed we have 0 tolerance for this kind of behavior).
    3. No inviting an army of friends to harass the reviewer or the Exporter (anyone doing this will be banned and publicly exposed in the forums).
    4. Follow the general rules of conduct and be calm even if you disagree with what is being said (eg. no personal attacks, bashing, flaming, name calling, insults, threats etc...).
    5. Threads which become "hot" or possibly a violation of #2 may be made so only the OP and Exporter can post (this was suggested by several people based on some past incidents).
    6. No review hijacking or minimizing of their experience.
      eg "You had a bad experience but mine was good" or "yours was good but mine was bad". If you wish to leave a review or comment about your Exporter you need to do it in your own thread.
    Some may ask why are there strict rules for the reviews? I can only say nicely without naming names that the rules we have made are for things that have happened and things that have been mentioned to me.
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    We've decided to add a new rule for people who post comments in others reviews rule #6 and this is to avoid a lot of problems that can and have happened.

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    Some noteworthy threads that became an issue just off the top of my head are the following: (very unfortunate hijack of our old friend mod DJ who has had an army of people come on to complain when they should be making their own thread and is probably the worst example of #6).

    The same has happened here somewhat:

    This one takes the cake for breaking every rule:

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