So I have a 92 240sx with redtop sr20det, I did an oil change about 600kms ago with 10w30 royal purple. Driving home few weeks ago from edmonton to east of reddeer. Highway was fine came to first stop sign about 80kms after driving highway and when i took off it started smoking from everywhere through defrost vents, foot area, exhaust etc.. Pulled over and looked under the hood nothing was hot or stood out nor did the engine overheat. The blow by hose coming off the pcv would blow lots of smoke while i revved it up though. So i was able to limp it home about 100kms only driving at about 80km hr though. In that 100kms i used 1.5 liters of oil as it was burning off. Just did compression test today and it was my first compression test ive ever done think i did it right lol So i unplugged and pulled all coil packs, and spark plugs. And went ahead and did my compression test compression read 140-135-140-0 That was a cold compression test not hot. So with one cylinder reading 0 what would you assume it to be.. Even when i limped it home there was no power loss.