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Thread: Importing to Canada - A newbies journey

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    Cool Importing to Canada - A newbies journey

    I am going to share my journey ..

    Having found this site and watched it for a while I had decided to get a Toyota VITZ AKA ECHO.

    here starts my documentation::Japanese used cars - トレードカービュー [tradecarview]

    Document has been dispatched

    Dear sir
    I am writing to let you know the status of your purchase.
    We sent the B/L for your VEHICLE.
    Please let me know when it arrives.
    Also, please let me know if there are more cars that you are looking for.
    I would like to have a chance to provide them for you.
    Please send me specifics, such as Model, Model-code, Target price, and other necessary requirements you have.

    I look forwarde to hearing from you soon.

    Sincerely yours,
    KA sagamino (Kazuhiro Onohara)

    The following document has been dispatched by courier.
    Courier: EMS
    Tracking No.: EF 697 401 748 JP
    Enclosed document: B/L, Invoice, De-registration certificate

    Message IP Address:
    Message Origin:

    Here's where there is trouble in paradise....
    I did not receive EMS courier documents.

    I have perused this matter with Sender's Information KA sagamino trade
    The car is about to land in Vancouver, and I do not have all this information.

    Question : has anyone experienced this drama?
    Is there any advice !!

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    My documents did not show up untill the week the car actually landed. Does the tracking number not show you anything?

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    It's not terribly uncommon for the documents to arrive at almost the same time as the car. Unnerving for sure, but I don't think you need to be super worried yet.

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    "Truer words were never spoken."

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    Welcome to the forums and I hope you'll get us some pics and do a full review of the Exporter.

    RyanV is right that it is fairly common for the documents to arrive just on time and sometimes late.

    Usually the less organized or middlemen/resellers have issues with late documentation (eg. ones who resell through another Exporter and then do the de-reg and documents themselves or through a third party).

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    Boy oh Boy!
    You both must have crystal balls lol, lol,
    Out of the Blue "Canada Post" was at my door
    with an envelope .... EMS. I was walking on a cloud... DA AM!

    This prompted me to drive down to ....WWL spoke to the "Security" told him I was given a call to come down (a bit of a twister). He did make a couple of calls and gave me a phone number to call. I did call and spoke to Receptionist who took my e-mail address and told me she would send me a package, by the time I got home there was an e-mail waiting with directions.

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    Wright, Gloria
    To Me
    May 12 at 3:46 PM



    Documents required for clearing your vehicle.

    Please be sure to read the attached documents. They will help guide you through in obtaining the 3 release the terminal requires before releasing your vehicle and also outline pickup procedures.

    Due to the volume of vehicles processed through the terminal, we do not follow up with customers regarding when they get releases etc. it is up to the customer or broker to ensure the terminal receives the releases. It is advisable you phone in and check with us if we have received any of your releases. To avoid clearing delays and running into storage charges it is advisable to use a broker.

    Storage charges accrue starting on the (11th) working day after the unit(s) has arrived, at $50.00 per unit per day. Storage charges do not accrue on weekends or holidays.

    Please confirm receipt of this e-mail.

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    I'm glad you finally got it, has your car landed yet?
    Here's a DIY thread for clearance:

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    Hey, hey, hey,

    I want to "THANK YOU" all for the support and information.
    In the many moments of taking my newbie steps ....

    Yes My little car "1999 toyota Vitz is finally here!!

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    I am having issues ....... sigh!!
    according to my research 1999 Toyota Vitz SCP10 is an equivalent to 2004 Toyota Echo.

    I need to call on the powers that be... "All of YOU" once again.
    I took "Vitzie" in for a INSPECTION to Canadian Tire.
    She failed for these reasons:
    1) Rear Brake light Assembly - NO DOT RATING (pulled Auto Wrecker)
    2) DRL 3rd Brake Light (center) - NONE (pulled Auto Wrecker)
    3) Side Marker Lights both rear - NO DOT RATING (sourcing A. W.)
    4) Tires - NO DOT RATING (new buy Tire land)
    5) Running Lights - This is my nemeses! HELP!!!

    Any suggestions???
    Canadian Tire Quoted $1500 to do this ???

    Thanks all

    I have since got my hands on rear lights from a 2003 Hatch Bk (auto wrecker)

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