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Thread: DRL Fusebox DIY Info Thread

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    Default DRL Fusebox DIY Info Thread

    Here are some examples that will help but others said DOUBLE check your work and make sure the voltages are as you expect them first (don't just copy what you see blindly just in case).

    natsirt's Legacy BD5/BG5 Fusebox example done by a shop.
    *It doesn't look applicable to later model Subaru's and I'm not sure if it's the same as the Impreza's of the same year or not.

    VanMikel's very well done solution for BH5 Legacy and SF5 Forester

    bexx's example of applying VanMikel's solution to his SF5

    I just thought I'd make this to help people out as those are important posts buried in a single that thread I read through to prepare my own BH5 GT-B for DRL when it gets here.

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    Bump does anyone know if the BL5 / BP5 Legacy Fusebox is the same as the 98 Forester or even 99 BH5 / BE5 Legacy? I was able to use the 98 Forester method here on my BH5:

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