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Thread: JZS161 Aristo V300 Transmission Oil Info DIY

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    Default JZS161 Aristo V300 Transmission Oil Info DIY

    The JZS147 from what I recall was slightly easy to access and the drain bolt was a lot further to the rear of the vehicle and angled sideways for easier access.
    It's a really simple job to do if not easier than an actual oil change and you'll spend more time filling through the dipstick than anything else.

    What's required?
    • Ratchet & 14MM socket
    • 6 quarts of Toyota Type IV fluid or equivalent

      The reason I say 6 quarts unlike 2 that many sites say is that I got 5-6 out by removing the bolt (about the same experience as doing my 147).
    • Funnel
    My car has a bodykit and is slightly lowered and I never needed to jack it up to access the drain bolt so I'm not sure why some sites show the car massively jacked when you just need to reach in a bit with your ratchet (you don't need much ground clearance at all).

    Drainbolt location
    With the 161 it's more near the front and accessed from the "front left" of the car like in the pic below (notice the 14MM bolt at the rear left of the transmission):

    Once again I found the transmission drain bolt was mysteriously easy to loosen like my 147 was (as in little effort and torque). I suspect these guys come loose over time from heat cycling so when reinstalling I torqued it at least 3 * 1/8 turns which is probably way more than the 19-lb/ft I read about.

    The oil that came out may look red and clean but it was pretty thick and dark looking at first (it's also mixed with some new fluid that came out when filling/flushing with the drain bolt off):

    I don't have the pic but the dipstick is where you fill and is located in the rear front right of the engine bay (behind the engine oil dipstickdon't get them confused). The transmission dipstick has a metal tab you pull back to get the dipstick out.

    The slowest part is filling through the small dipstick and trying not to pour too much at once or you may overflow the dipstick and spill some.

    After draining and filling about 5.5 quarts the car shifts better and feels great whereas before the shifts were progressively getting worse (a sign you need to change the oil).
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    cool! thanks for this!

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    I hope it helps some and us Aristo owners need to share more info. I don't want to see people buy 2 quarts of oil only to find out 5+ come out

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    A few weeks later and the car is even better than the first few days after changing. It feels faster and there's less delay and hesitation when shifting and it's overall smoother.

    I do get some kind of thud when getting on and off the throttle though, I'm not sure if it's the transmission mounts of maybe if changing my rear diff oil will help (I have a spare 75W90 Royal Purple from years ago that I'll probably use on it and make a new thread for it).

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