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    After years of lurking, I felt I should dedicate a proper thread to my car.

    I purchased the car in November of 2010 and stored it immediately. I am the second Canadian owner of this vehicle. The back-story is someone in Japan probably bought it circa 2000 and put some fairly desirable mods on it. It is a grade 3.5 car with a C interior. The paint on the bumpers isn't the best but I was amazed at how well the interior cleaned up. An odometer swap was reported on this vehicle, but it was documented. The car also came with a book full of Toyota maintenance receipts from Japan verifying the kilometers. Whoever had this vehicle in Japan took pride in it - the road flare was up to date and the cabin filter was spotless when I purchased it.

    Original Spec:

    '94 JZZ30 - Toyota Soarer 2.5 GT-T Limited

    -051 Diamond White Pearl
    -R154 Original 5-speed MT vehicle
    -A02A 4.08 Open Differential

    -'97 OEM Front/Side aero
    -Vertex replica rear aero
    -Super made Headlamp lens

    -Work Emotion CR-Kai WMB 18" X 9.5" +38
    -HKS Hipermax `D

    -Blitz Boost Meter
    -Blitz Turbo Timer
    -Blitz Access Computer (No boost cut, no fuel cut, no rev limiter etc)

    -Apexi Exhaust
    -ARC Type NS BOV
    -OS Multi-Plate Racing Clutch

    All in all, it's a pretty fun car to drive. However; the OS twin-plate racing clutch, and the HKS coilovers (20/16kg/mm F/R) make it a car you need to pay full attention to in order to operate it smoothly. The upgraded electronics are a good bonus. It's nice not having to worry about boost cut, fuel cut, and tuning with an SAFC. The Blitz Access Computer (Modified Factory Toyota ECU) sorts it all out for you. It's tuned to 1.2bar maximum (17ish psi) but I usually run it around 0.9-1.0 bar.

    I drove it for a year or so unchanged, then the repairs and modifications started. More to come in another post...
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    Those work rims are really really nice on that car, good choice. The interior does look very clean. Did you install any of those mods yourself or did they all come with it when purchased?

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