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    I was browsing the sticky thread of what kind of cars and drivers annoy the most. I was going to reply in there about license exams and how that I am surprised at how some people can even get their license, whether bus driver or not. Turned out to be a big reply so started this thread.

    I strongly believe there needs to be much stricter exams here in Canada. My wife is originally from Chile and she said it is way more difficult to get a regular auto license there, the exam takes almost a full business day and is outlined below from what I can remember;

    Begins with the written part of the exam which is 60 or more questions. After that they test your general motor skills and reaction times. The motor skill exams are similar to the games operation and whack a mole. So if you touch the sides in operation too much you fail or miss the mole too many times. Then the reaction test is you look at a screen with just a background of you moving along a road and either a big red or green light will flash on the screen. As soon as it flashes you have to step on the brake (red) or accelerator (green) as fast you can. The reaction time is recorded and if you are too slow or use the wrong pedal you fail.

    After the motor skills are done you have to talk with a doctor about your medical history. They do an assessment to determine if you are medically and psychologically fit to drive. Apparently if you had any surgeries in your medical history they need to follow up with the surgeon(s) if possible and potentially send you for some tests, which will delay you actually getting your license.

    After all this you are now ready to actually to get into the car for the in car test. This test has to be done with a manual transmission, no exceptions. The actual driving part is the same as here in Canada with one exception. The exception is that there are a lot of hills in Chile so they will make you stop in the middle of hill on the way up. Once at a complete stop you then need to get it into first without rolling backwards too much (1 meter i think?).

    This won't eliminate many problems in the thread, as most of it is aggression but it would certainly make roads safer in my opinion. Maybe other people might have gotten a license or know of tougher exams in another country.

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    I think we most North American drivers, they can drive proper and safe but they don't care as much or they think they are better than others. I know peoe who can drive perfectly normal if they weren't such snobs/obnoxious people. Another big factor is the car they drive, I find that people who aren't as mature (usually teens) drive much more aggressive when they are in a performance vehicle as opposed to when they are driving a van or a SUV. There are always exceptions, I've seen people drive like idiots in a van, going crazy speeds when they can't even get proper traction from a stop.

    A rigorous driving license exam would weed out those that truly should not drive but, honestly, most people drive way more careful when they are in an exam.

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    I agree with shoxie it's driver education that's the issue in North America. How many people text when driving or are changing their gps or putting on makeup. I've been in the car when the drivers tried to do all these things. No ones doing that kind of stuff on a driving exam. Also as a young person who's had their class 5 for about 45 days. The graduated license program is a pretty lengthy process it takes 3 years to get your full license. With one year being supervised driving. I do agree that there should be a mandatory driving school so people get taught good habits instead of inheriting their instructors bad ones.

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    Yes I would have to agree also that driver education is more important. That would address many more of the problems. I was just surprised at how rigorous another countries initial exam was compared to ours.

    Anyone familiar with what it is like to get a driver license in Japan? They have rigorous vehicle inspections with shaken so wondering how the actual driver examination is like. I realize shaken is primarily driven by their new vehicle industry so maybe they are lenient with the initial exam.

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