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    I just have to ask to see if it's only me. Recently more than every anytime I try to buy anything off kijiji even for the full asking price when i set up a day to pick it up they never ever respond after that! WTF is up with people its not like they have to fucking go anywhere just tell me when they are available!

    That being said if anyone has a hood latch and bracket for a BNR32 and a axle back exhaust for a GC/GF8 feel free to pm me...
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    I hear ya! I have had lots of issues with people on kijiji. One time I asked a seller when I could go pick up the rims he was selling. (This was on a Sunday) He told me Thursday. I said ok no problem. I contacted him again Thursday to tell him I was on my way. He responded with "Sorry I sold them yesterday" I was so mad...

    As for the parts you are looking for, I might be able to find you something from the local import shops. I deal with a guy in Quebec that gives me really good deals.
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    ahh the good ol Kijiji

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