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    Does anyone know how a non-Mandarin person could import and register a JDM in China?

    Can someone describe how insurance works too and give us an idea about the costs?

    How would customs clearance work if you brought in a car via RO/RO or via container?

    How would re-exporting the car from China be done?

    I didn't see many JDMs in Beijing last year but I remember seeing a JDM RHD Toyota minivan, so I'm assuming they are allowed. Interestingly enough most people are surprised to hear that China is naturally an LHD country.

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    It looks like there is RO/RO for about $40 USD per cubic meter into Xingang, China (basically Tianjin somewhat near Beijing).

    It looks like container is what most people would need.
    I also heard you need some kind of Import License to bring the car into China.

    I wonder if an average person is allowed to do get this license and would be able to afford it.

    I also wonder what the market for JDM cars in China is like.

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    I'm heading back there this weekend. I'll take some pictures of petrol stations just for fun

    I don't expect to see many JDMs over there, all I saw last time was a GDA WRX

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    I read that the importation of foreign cars into China is not a sure thing. I've read there is a way to do it, but it varies by region in China

    I also read that customs can decide what they want to charge for duty, it could be anything, even 100% according to what customs feels the car is worth.

    This is what I read so it's not confirmed, it was on some other forum but I have some doubts because many posters admitted they had ties to the Chinese car industry.

    If we ever get someone from the PRC it would be great if they could ask their local government about the process and fees to bring a car in.

    My feeling is that it is very possible but most haven't been interested or bothered to do it, and I have no confirmation on how duty works and what the official rules for importation of vehicles are.

    I know that I've only seen LHD vehicles over there, but it appears people from Hong Kong routinely drive their RHD cars over there.
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    I've been told by people who have lived in Guangzhou that RHD cars are allowed and registered, but are very rare. It is very common for people from Hong Kong and Macau to drive to mainland China, but they get a temporary mainland licence plate if they do. I doubt many people import cars into China anyway, because new cars are so cheap and their economy is production, not consumption driven.

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    +1 mich, thanks for this solid info. When you talk about Guangzhou and say "fully registered" this means not on a temp plate right? What kind of cars have been seen over there? If you could bug them for more info about the procedure and cost of importation that would be very useful.

    I saw a Chaser at the Hong Kong-China border 2 years ago. I'm sure many don't import into China but for those of us who live there or may move there/visit I think it would be awesome if we could find out how the import is done.

    Imagine a Canadian like us driving an RHD considered illegal in Canada within so-called communist China?

    It has been my dream to get a GDB I/II STi and drive it in China among other JDMs. Maybe one day, I know the fuel is good there, I only saw like 96 and 98 at most stations.

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    Bump, does anyone have more information?

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    You can do anything in China, just bribe the right bureaucrat.
    1995 STi Version II

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