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Thread: Syck's RHD/SR20 converted Datsun 510

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    Default Syck's RHD/SR20 converted Datsun 510

    Hey, figured I'd post this since Urbklr got me to join the forum and all,

    Here's my 1971 Datsun 510, that on a whim I decided to swap out the old tired L20B for an SR20DET. The motor is an S13 redtop from jdmracingmotors.
    Another thing that was decided out of nowhere and last minute (well after driving Urbklr's starlet), was that I should cut it up and convert it to RHD.

    Originally, the car was found like this. (5 minutes away from my camp may I add)

    That was what it looked like when I first dragged it home.
    It ended up looking like this soon after (when I planned on driving it like this)

    As soon as we got that L20B running, I decided to tear it out and do a motorswap(no real reason why, motor wasn't that bad).
    and during the course of it being torn apart, thats when we decided to cut it up even further.

    (yes, I fixed the dashpad gauge pod since then. lowered by half the height lol)

    and then the other day, we actually got it painted.
    (by Urbklr, at our place of employment)

    Now that the car is painted, it should be coming together REALLY quickly (also due to the fact I have a few large orders coming in lol). The big thing is just finding all the correct screws + nuts/bolts because we tore it apart moonths ago now. What originally scared me, I found out isn't going to be so bad(the wiring), because I labeled everything for the dash/light harness(which is a total of about 13 wires anyway), and it's only eight wires tapped into the body harness from the SR20's body harness to get everything to work.
    All in all, I'm pretty excited.

    Also, incase anyone's interested, here's my other project.
    1982 Cavalier Hatchback converted to RWD with a V8 + tubbed.

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    Welcome to the forum! Great work on that 510. I really like the old Datsun/ Nissan stuff. Your Cavalier is really nice too. Is the 510 going to be a show car or are you going to drive it?

    I wouldn't worry about cutting things up. Most of these cars would never be back on the road if someone didn't put time and money in them. So regardless of what the configuration is, nice to see it almost road worthy.

    Keep us updated.

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    Welcome to the forum! Mitch had sent me a link to your build, absolutely love the color choice! Great fab work, can't wait to see it come April
    - 1996 Honda Integra J32, ITR Clone -
    - 1992 Honda Civic SI K20a2 Turbo -

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    (5 minutes away from my camp may I add)
    Did you find it abandoned in the middle of no where?

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    The car will be a summer fun-car, but it'll get driven a lot so it won't be much of a show car(but it'll be as nice as it can be). There aren't a lot of shortcuts I have taken with the build so far, so I'm hoping for a proper turn-out.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhdgc8 View Post
    Welcome to the forum! Mitch had sent me a link to your build, absolutely love the color choice! Great fab work, can't wait to see it come April
    Thank you!, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, as Mitch kept going on and on with stories haha

    Quote Originally Posted by CautionJDM View Post
    Did you find it abandoned in the middle of no where?
    Yes and no, It was stored in buddies barn for 20 years, but if you get bored and want to see what it looks like, google.maps 'Earltown, Nova Scotia' and look around. Pretty much middle of nowhere haha

    So a few packages arrived!, I ended up getting my fiero radiator + electric fan, all my gauges, my wink mirror,some couplers, and a bunch of odds and ends. Still waiting on a big order from enjuku though.
    Also ended up buying some new wheels with proper offset so they'll actually tuck in when I lower the car! 15x7 with +25, compared to the old nostalgic 13x7 minilites with 0 offset which stuck out past the lips.
    AND I managed to pick up some RSX front seats for $200.

    I ended up painting more of the inside black today, along with buffing a lot more trim + installing it, painting the insides of my bumpers to protect them from further corrosion, having my heater completely installed, couple interior pieces put back in, test fit one seat, test fit wheels, started stripping the wheels(just need to get them broken down so I can really go HAM on them and get them prepped + painted), rockguarded front-inner fenders, dug out wiring harnesses, installed front valance, and a couple smallll things.

    While my girlfriend is at work tomorrow, my plan is to tear out the rear-subframe, clean it up, cut the exhaust hole to 4.5 inches, weld it together, paint everything, put my subaru LSD R160 in(since I can't find a R180 anywhere thats affordable), and then cleaning up everything underneath so I can paint it and rockguard it. If I feel ambitious enough, I may even install my dash harness so I can start running wires(going to be a nightmare...)

    Anyways, here's a picture of an rsx seat sitting in the car. Didn't take too many just because it was a hectic day haha.

    and I guess speaking of seats, that's another thing I did today. I cut the frame of the rear seat up by 3 inches on each side to clear the rollcage. Just need to suck up to either my girlfriend or my mother to sew it up now.

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    So I got a few things in the mail!

    What isn't here, are my new shocks, electrical components, battery relocation kit, fuel pump, muffler, horn and a few other things. Needless to say I'm pumped because the car can go together that much faster!
    However, the people I bought my rear windshield seal from messed up and sent me the front one, so I just had to order one express from Australia. oh well!

    It's been a busy couple weeks.
    me and my buddy ended up repainting my cheap new wheels(they're 15x7 + 25 offset so I can lower my car now at least), rotating my turbo, picking up the bits necessary to bolt it together, test fitting some stuff, cleaning up and polishing shiny bits, printing out wiring diagrams, starting to route brake lines, ran clutch line, cut + sowed up my rear seat, heater installed, tore out my rear subframe, cleaned up + painted/rockguarded underneath, tore steering wheel off(was going to replace but don't really got the time or money atm), and a lot of just small things I can't even remember.

    Here's the rearend out. I have to do a rear-disc conversion, but that won't be until next year probably.
    The reason I tore the rear-end out was to be able to clean up + paint underneath, clean up + paint the rear subframe, replace the rearend with a subaru LSD, install lowering springs + new camaro shocks, cut the exhaust hole for my new exhaust and stuff.
    Well, I'm not swapping out the rear for the subaru one yet because I don't have time to mess around with new axles stubs + changing the yolk so I'm just going to run the original datsun one for now. It'll give me time to save up for an R180 LSD anyway hahaha. Another problem was I forgot to unhook the brake lines and snapped them when the rear dropped(oops.)

    I already got my shocks, and springs and I'm just waiting on getting my rear crossmember back with a 4 1/2 inch hole cut in it welded up with pipe inside of it so I can put my car back together.

    The plan is to shove my interior back together, do my wiring, get some tires mounted on my wheels, put my doors back together(since I just got my new doorhandles ), put the windshield + rear windshield in(once my new seal comes in the mail...), cut up + weld my intercooler piping, find some 3" mandrel bends and some exhaust piping so I can weld my exhaust up(since I also got my muffler ), run my fuel lines + pump + fuel cell, vacuum lines, modify my seats to fit, rig up a center console, and a few other things. Going to throw a buff in there too!
    Woohoo, speed sport coming up in 15 days. I'm going to be busy lol

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    I've been a little busy to come on the computer a lot, but here's a quick update before I go stalking other peoples threads on here.

    As of tonight(31/may/15) Car is officially running! .
    After many, many hours of going through my merged harnesses(redoing, rechecking everything, making sure every sensor is not bad), it turned out to be something completely unrelated to the SR20 swap.
    It was the factory Datsun 510 ignition... When you went to crank, it would cut power and reset the ECU.
    Now that that's fixed, Me and my buddy will be buttoning up all the wiring, and installing the radiator, and tucking everything up so we can *hopefully* go out for a test drive!
    Getting really excited to get going in this thing! (...mostly so I can tear apart my V8 cavalier project again and build a motor for it, and tear apart my daily driver subaru :P).

    I'm missing out on a lot of stuff because it's just boring small tidbits that are just to get the thing going, but on to pictures!

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    Yay!!!! I am glad you got it running
    - 1996 Honda Integra J32, ITR Clone -
    - 1992 Honda Civic SI K20a2 Turbo -

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    haha yeah! and driving

    Well, since its running, and all legal, I managed to take it out for two drives!
    It just sucks because it broke down for the car show which happened to be the next day.
    Fuel pump decided to break down on us at 11:30pm the day before the car show and had to get a tow haha.

    Anyways, my buddy and I decided to go out and get some pictures (before his car also broke down after his like 300km drive to where I live),

    From driving the car, a few issues were found, and a lot of them fixed.
    They would include working tach, exhaust being too low and hitting off EVERYTHING, passenger side panel, fuel pump, oil temp gauge, ignition switch, and a few other things. Most of which were fixed. Unfortanately the fuel pump and exhaust haven't been fixed yet.
    The plan is to get a new fuel pump and hopefully get on the road again.
    Thankfully though, we fixed my buddys 510 as it was just the altenator loose and he needed a new battery as it draining so much ruined his.

    I've put maybe 40km on this, and it's working amazing for the most part. it goes like snot even just giving it a little bit of gas which is promising haha

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    Sweet I like your buddies also! Nothing in NB like this, very cool to see two together.
    - 1996 Honda Integra J32, ITR Clone -
    - 1992 Honda Civic SI K20a2 Turbo -

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