A lot of n00bs have toasted their GTR RB26DETT engines prematurely by doing stupid things like bouncing off the rev limiter. There is a known weakness in all R32 GTRs with the oil pump and it wasn't corrected until May 1993.

Basically what happens is the oil pump fails when the car is revved to hard and too high, specifically by bouncing off the rev limiter though.

I just thought I'd post this as a warning and to hopefully save some engines. I'm willing to bet most GTR engine failures are because of this kind of abusive driving.

It's been suggested that even after May 1993, the oil pump was still the first to go when increasing the horsepower. Most people agree the RB26DETT in the R33 GTR was stronger and does not have the same issue with the oil pump.

Realistically I don't think this an issue except for hardcore tuners, and people who like bouncing off the rev limiter, trying to go past redline