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Thread: D2R 35W 4300K Bulb Supervision HID Review

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    In Aristo one of my original Philips lowbeam HID bulbs suddenly died without warning and before I could even look into what part to get, the second one was on its way out (flickering).

    I was a bit nervous wondering if Lexus was selling proprietary bulbs because the dealer cost is an average of $160 USD each per bulb.

    The rest is history eventually I Google'd and Amazon'd my way to these after reading some good feedback about generic D2R bulbs. They were also only $10 USD shipped for the pair so not much to lose either.


    These lights fit as perfectly as the original OEM Philips and I would say they look even better and whiter than the Philips when they were working well. Keep in mind the price is low but it seems the technology has improved compared to what they had in 97 for bulbs.

    I've had them installed for nearly a month with no issues. I would expect similar life as the OEMs as well but will keep this thread updated.

    I also find these to be a steal because the "Supervision" website actually sells the same bulbs for $45 USD. We're basically getting them for wholesale at $10 I'd say.

    What's even better is that these arrived from California to Washington state in just 3 days after ordering!

    Safego also sells other variants in a 6000K and 8000K for the same price. I imagine they would have a more blue tint to them but I am not sure.

    I am still very happy and impressed with these bulbs and you wouldn't know they were so cheap either. I will buy these bulbs again and any others from this Supervision brand from now on based on my experience.

    Order Links:

    You can choose from between 4300K,6000K,8000K,10000K,12000K
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    Just an update but these seem to last a long time I'm very happy with these bulbs. I've used them in my Aristo and Celsior and the quality is very consistent these are not a cheap bulb even though price wise they are. The Celsior has now been going for almost a year and half with these bulbs and I actually drive with my lights on all the time and I do a lot of driving everyday. I suspect they can easily last a number of years.

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