Hey guys I hope this may help some 161 Aristo owners and also some GS400. Read this before you think "I'm just going to go to Aristo and install the new bulb, how hard can it be, isn't it just like other cars?".

There is information on other great sites like Clublexus etc... but as usually with most other forums I find IMPORTANT details that I get stuck on are left out....though I admit some of the tips in this DIY are collected from other Lexus sites but I've combined them all here and added my own.

Step 1.) Remove the gray cover by doing a twist in the direction of the open arrow (I believe it is counterclockwise).
You may find some wiring is in the way and you can't twist the gray cover (just shove it gently to the side it is not harnessed in like it may appear).
*Note that the cover only moves a few cm to get into the open position and that it may be jammed. If it doesn't seem to move or come out just try to pull it out (it may have been installed incorrectly before or you have loosened but it then got stuck).

Step 2.) Did you really think the gray cover would expose the bulb? Think again my friends.

The metal tab is covering the bulb and needs to be pried out (not pulled straight out as this is not possible). It is basically mounted into tabs and is hinged in place. The best information I got was that it's like a corkscrew and you have to rock it back and forth (top to bottom). It will take a bit of time and swearing possibly but it will come out(probably).

*Do not think you need to remove those screws or anything else it will create a mess and nightmare and won't help you.

3.)Unplug the black power connector that you exposed by removing the silver cover.

4.) Remove the bulb by unhinging the clips.

5.) Install the new bulb in the same way as the original.
*This is another pain and where I got stuck. It is not easy to secure the bulb. You need to have the metal hinges held in an upward position when installing the new bulb and at the same time have to line everything up and clip the hinges into place.

Step 8.) Install everything in reverse order and Enjoy your new D2R HIDs.
Here are the bulbs I used and reviewed for this: