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Thread: V1 GC8 EJ20G Timing Belt parts

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    I guess I should be glad that I bought my parts when I did, they are still going strong without issue, even the "horrid" blue belt. Though I've only gone some 20,000km since doing the timing belt.

    I'm actually surprised at reports about the blue belts stretching, since they're specifically designed to stretch less than a standard belt. I would suspect a failed tensioner is more likely, and there's thousands upon thousands of people using them, yet I only found a couple rare cases of people reporting problems.

    My OP has the OEM part numbers, I ended up getting the Gates parts through RockAuto at a lower cost than the OEM parts if I recall, and at the time I didn't find anyone having problems with Gates, they appeared to be known for a high standard of quality.
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    Yes it looks like anyone who bought before the time in 2016 is good to go. I would think if your parts were bad you'd know within 20K for sure. Weird about the blue kevlar racing belts stretching I would think it would be the opposite too. Tensioners and water pumps have failed in short order from what I've read.

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