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    Default Evo 4 bumper dictionary

    Figured I'd list some of the nicer Japanese made E4 bumpers/kits since having an E4 means you have to work a bit harder at getting parts.

    First mine, this is an unknown bumper that was made in Japan and was on an E4 that ended up at the UK at an auto wrecker. I have never found out what it is even after posting pictures on MLR and Evolution Oz. All I know is its my favorite and I paid a bundle having it shipped here.

    Varis E4, this kit is still available and is great quality

    Veilside DTM, still available through distributors in the USA and direct from Veilside. Literature from them states the arches can take a 315 tire. Really the ultimate in wide.

    Evo 4 stock with a splitter, canards and wheel arches

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    Veilside EC1, if you like the battle type Veilside style this is still available..

    TRUTH/J-speed bumper, looks a lot like the HKS Kansai but NOT the same. J-Speed (Marche) has discontinued this bumper but TRUTH still lists it.

    TBO front bumper for the E4, still available...

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    TBO lip, if you like the TBO style but want to keep your fog lights, this is still available...

    HKS Kansai, discontinued and hard to find

    BOZZ speed, still available for the E4 and if you want to be different, this would be it

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    One more pic of the HKS Kansai bumper as its commonly confused with the TRUTH/J-speed.....

    Also a note. TRUTH E4 bumpers can be hard to find used as they were made for E1,2,3 and E5,E6 so take a good look at what your buying. A real TRUTH bumper will sell at 700-1000 at auction. Im not sure why that is, maybe TRUTH has a long wait time.

    The HKS Kansai bumper is also very rare and a real one will command a high price. If you import a car and it has an HKS Kansai bumper on it you are a lucky person.

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