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Thread: Winter is here! Evo 4 Build thread round 2!!!!

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    Default Winter is here! Evo 4 Build thread round 2!!!!

    Sooooo, I had a great summer with the Evo 4. Attended a bunch of meets with the local JDM Evo club and spend some time at Castrol Raceway but not enough time....

    I was thinking about parting ways with the car however after getting a few offers close to my asking price I decided to keep it and spend more money turning it into what I want it to be!

    I have so many parts at the moment that I cant possibly get all of the parts on the car over winter. So I have had to decide and prioritize what needs to be done before spring and what can wait.

    The following list are the things I need to do before next summer:

    - Swap in an Evo 6 RS LSD Diff to compliment my E9 rear LSD
    - Front sway bar and end links
    - Rear Hybrid axles to regain ABS. This will be a 4rs axle with a GSR outer CV
    - Front Carbon Splitter
    - Front wiglets and canards for more aero
    - New rear spoiler design
    - More track spec tires
    - Dot 4 brake fluid bleed
    - Fix park lights
    - Eliminate Ayc light and Cat light
    - Cop kit and new plugs
    - New clutch
    - Close ratio 5 speed RS box
    - Quick steering rack out of an E4 RS

    I also have a mound of RS parts that I picked up that will eventually put my cars weight down to the 2700lbs. range. Unfortunately no timeline for this stuff to go in as it will take me more time than I have:

    - E4 RS doors No crash bars and crank windows SUPER light
    - E4 RS Rear glass and package tray to eliminate rear wiper
    - E4 RS pillar antenna for more legit RS look
    - E4 RS trunk, no park lights, thinner metal, way lighter
    - E4 RS door handles
    - E4 RS manual door mirrors, more electronics gone
    - E4 RS climate control with optional A/C (Im not a complete savage)
    - E4 RS dash, no air bags and way lighter
    - E4 RS seats, super light, nicer color too

    So we will see how this winter progresses. My goal is to have the first list done for the Castrol Race school in may... then we will see....

    Pics so you don't feel bad about reading

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    Looking forward to this one as well! Always great work, seems like there are some interesting things in store... very interested in all the aero bits.

    That evo 6 in those pictures looks great as well, I wonder who that goof looking at his rims in the bottom picture is though :P

    For those wondering, pics are from this guy:

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    Moving a long at a slow pace unfortunately due to family commitments.

    I have decided to start with tearing down the front diffs I have and working on ordering front suspension parts. I like whiteline so that's what I usually go with. I ordered and received some front endlinks (klc139) and I am still shopping around for the front swaybar for my car.

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    As far as the front diffs go ... that did not go as planned. I have three diffs for the car and after tearing down two I am still short parts to make one good lsd.

    The lsd one I have has a few broken bolts one of which I couldn't extract. So I have ordered some parts from japan. Hopefully they should be here in a few weeks and I can assemble a fresh transfer case and front diff.

    The Stock evo front lsd is a very good unit, it is a worm gear type gear lsd and will take a lot of abuse. When I measured everything with calipers I found a lot of the non lsd parts and lsd parts are interchangeable. This will help me out in some hard to find parts.

    So my plan is to attempt to have two proper front lsd's for the car (one spare), both rebuilt. we will see how that goes.

    The big bonus here is that I have a proper ratio front ring and pinion to go with the front mechanical lsd. The ring has 53 teeth and the pinion has 16 so it works out to a proper E4 3.312. This will play nice with my rs rear diff.

    My plan is to polish and deburr some gears, change some seals, and give everything a good clean including fasteners. Should work out just fine when I get my parts in.....

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    Few weeks? You need overnight parts from Japan.

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    So while I'm waiting for diff parts to rebuild my front diff I decided to go through my new steering rack and make sure its up to snuff.

    I was able to get my hands on an Evo 4rs fast steering rack (less turns to lock out) and I really liked the feel of it in the 4rs I had. I went through the rack and all the hoses and fittings were good, as well the seals on the main cylinder weren't leaking at all.

    One issue though, the inner tie rods had a slight amount of play on them. The guy I bought the rack off had said the tie rods had been done 10,000 kms ago however they were replaced with cheap parts.

    I decided to go to NAPA and buy the lifetime warrantied steering parts. They were a bit on the expensive side however the outer tierods were manufactured in Japan so that made me feel better about the price. The part I bought is from the Mitsu Mirage and fits great.

    So inner and outers are done and my RS rack is ready for action this spring.

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    Got a bunch of parts in from Japan and back working on the Evo again.

    As far as the front LSD's are concerned the Evo 4,5,6, had a design flaw where four of the LSD bolts would loosen off and basically disintegrate from vibration. I accumulated 5 LSD diffs in a hope of building a few for some friends in Alberta as well as my own car. Out of the 5 I was only able to build 2 good ones. So that kind of sucked.

    The procedure for making these factory diffs last is to upgrade to a coarser higher quality fastener (12.9 grade) and over torque them with lock tite.

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    Due to the oil industry here in Alberta there are endless fastener companies here in Edmonton so I am waiting on a box of 12.9 grade 25mm M8 fasteners that should be here next week. Then I will re-assemble my front LSD/Transfer case.....

    I also received my hardened outer CV joints from Japan so I have completed a new set of axles for my car in an effort to regain ABS. The design is an Evo 4RS axle with an Evo 4 GSR outer CV put on. This will allow me to have an outer ABS reluctor ring which will revive my ABS.

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    Man what a hardcore build thread. I love following your EVO!

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