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Thread: UCF31 DRL Daytime Running Light Solution

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    Default UCF31 DRL Daytime Running Light Solution

    Hey guys

    Does anyone have a quick and simple way to enable some sort of DRL on these cars (eg. like with the Subaru's where you hack the fusebox and jump a few wires)?

    Thanks !

    *edit add pinout from ClubLexus member MASH385

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    it shouldn't be that hard to figure out all you should have to do is find a 12v source that turns on with ignition (not sure a good place to get this but a volt meter should help) then wire it to the switch side of your headlight relay. its the same principle on every car

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    Yes it should not be too bad but I cannot figure out which relay is for what and the layout diagram in the engine bay seems to be wrong or incomplete (not sure if it differs from USDM Lexus LS430).

    This thread is helpful and another similar one that shows the pin layout:

    With the above does it seem possible to jump 2 pins from the relay harness to make the fogs stay on all the time?
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    It's insane but UCF31 has 6 fuseboxes AFAIK and most of the fuses are identical in shape and part#.

    1.) Driver's side kick panel

    2.) Passenger kick panel.

    3.) Engine bay - south of battery (rectangle)

    4.) Engine bay - south of rectangle fusebox (square)

    *fuses & relays (layout diagram seems wrong or incomplete)
    5.) Engine bay - south of square fusebox (triangle)
    *crapload of relays

    6.) Top left of engine bay a few more fuses!

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    Thanks to rkw77080 from ClubLexus for showing me exactly where the fog relay was and what pin to send the 12V to. It is easy once you have the info.

    I use 16 gauge wire and shoved it into the 7.5/12V ignition fuse and then connected it to the correct pin with the foglight relay removed. This means that the foglights will be on with ignition even with the switch off (to pass inspection).

    How it looks with the covers back on (you can just see the wire peaking out a bit):

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