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Thread: Celsior UCF30/31 Child Restraint Anchor/Tether Bolt part numbers

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    Default Celsior UCF30/31 Child Restraint Anchor/Tether Bolt part numbers

    1.) The actual bracket/anchor (I do not know if it comes with the bolt and washer but #2 is the part# shown in the Lexus/Toyota diagram
    73719-50010 Bracket, Child Restraint Seat Tether Anchor
    2.) The bolt/washer needed for above (not sure if it is included)
    90105-08253 BOLT, WASHER BASED H

    I also found these parts to be cheapest to order locally from Canadian dealers (you get the wholesale US price + exchange and no shipping cost) vs the US because of high shipping fees on most sites in the US.

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    These thread right in nicely. I will try to post a pic of where they go, if you are brave you could just smash through the top parcel felt and find the holes. They are basically dead center of each seat about 10cm back from there (just a guess). The proper way though is the pain of removing the rear seats to access to rear parcel and probably a million other clips (this is the way I did it).

    I'll try and get the pic later to give people an idea.

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    Awesome, thanks mate!



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