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Thread: Tire Size Comparison and Rim Fitment Tool

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    Default Tire Size Comparison and Rim Fitment Tool

    I've been using this tool and have found it spot on, very handy when changing rim sizes.

    This is another very handy tool when shopping for aftermarket rims or even i replacing your current tires and you want to go skinnier or wider.

    One other thing is that sites like TireRack usually have a spec sheet for each tire and it will actually tell you what size fits your rim width.

    The one thing that is hard to account for is of course when going wider and taller and different rim offsets is will you rub? The only way to have an idea before is to check forums for your car and see what people report.

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    This is what I used a few times to see if my tires would rub.
    It's a pretty good tool but nothing's foolproof.

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    The tire size comparison is kinda cool I'm thinking about starting a new build and it's cool to see the new size beside the old

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    Very handy I didn't know 1010 still had useable tools (they don't work in my phone at least). I think both of the other sets probably have an offset calculator but sometimes a certain site is easier for people.

    I didn't know there was an actual picture comparison feature either lol.

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