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Thread: Are these reputable importers?

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    Default Are these reputable importers?

    Hey all,

    I have been trying to look into two different importers: Rivsu Imports, out of Houston; and Bonsai Rides, out of Glencoe, Ontario.

    Can anyone verify just how "legit" these guys are?



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    I have heard positive things about Bonsai Rides. Rivsu seems to have popped up like many Canadian Importers, but only in the US of course.

    I can objectively say that Bonsai Rides has been in the business for a long time. The question is do they know how to Export to the US?

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    I personally dealt with sastradkk in my last import, of 4 cars. Good dealings, and will not screw you, well a minor misahap, they uysed 2 wheels for dunnage and port of shit as portland held my shipment for damn near 2 weeks from 2 radios and a pair of wheels in the container used as dunnage..
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    Got my r32 from Rivsu. Moat people have good experiences. They replaced a blown turbo on my car for free before i took delivery.
    The body did get damaged during shipping, and i'm still living with that shit.
    This is all at their Sanford location.

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