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Thread: UCF31 Celsior Front Door Speaker Blown Options for Replacement

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    Default UCF31 Celsior Front Door Speaker Blown Options for Replacement

    Hey guys so my front left door speaker seems to be a bit blown and I have turned up the following thread but it's not clear what speakers can be used:

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use a 5.5" or 6.5" standard speaker and will it fit? Does the door really have to be removed (it almost feels like the speaker cover is a separate cover that could possibly be removed).

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    I've read that 6.5" fit just fine despite some worrying about how deep they run. The one concern people have is that apparently all the speakers in our cars run on 8ohms, but it is very hard to find replacement speakers running on 8ohms. I've sourced some cheap JVC 6.5" and hope they sound alright (my wife OK'd it but then said she hopes they sound as good as the stockers lol).

    One warning I read is that apparently the extra power (more ohms) means more strain on the amp and may reduce the lifespan. The only example of issues I've heard of though is if you replace the stock 8ohm sub with a 4ohm sub (makes sense to me since the sub draws more power).

    To replace the speakers the door panel must be removed unfortunately (too bad the grill itself does not just come off). I will drill and/or zapstrap to make these 6.5"s fit

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