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    Hey everyone,

    I have just recently ordered myself a Pearl White JZS161 Aristo. This being my first import car that is not a Subaru, I am not as knowledgable with these cars. I've read many forums about Aristo BPU, my main questions are regarding running a FCD and restrictor ring as I am having a hard time finding any sort of DIY for either, does anyone have any input or experience with these installs?

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    I have not heard of FCD being popular on Aristo.
    Honestly an exhaust and boost controller would be a huge improvement.
    Another help would be if the 6-speed auto from series 2 Celsior could be swapped in.

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    what exhaust do you plan on running?
    If you leave the first cat you should be good (our cars have 2)

    FCD should just wire right up

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