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Thread: NEW to the site hello, and questions

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    thats a pretty valid point, sounds good. i will just ship the car here sooner and do all the mods here iv never installed turbos before :P thanks everyone haha if and when i need help with the time comes to plug everything in, you can bet ill be posting an reading with lots of questions haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by supranova View Post
    hey all just signed up here looking for peeps with same interests as i got an here i am :P

    anyway im in the motion of wanting to import a supra here..dream car, but iv been asking around and looking to see who can actually work on this car,and iv come up empty handed. i got list of mods im buying throughout the year and want done pretty much at the same time cause they just flow into each other.

    so really my questions are, should i just send the mods over seas to japan land and get them to install it before shipping or does anyone here know/dealt or heard of any place that can install my mods and not have my car blow up?
    for reference its a tt 6sp,
    mods would be upgraded twins, full exhaust, upgraded fuel system some aem gauges, wideband failsafe, spark plugs etc. the major ones prety much being the turbo and full exhaust 4 incher.
    i want to ship it here next feb :P

    i appreciate all comments
    Welcome to the forums, Supra is a timeless supercar so nice choice!
    The car has a 2JZ-GTE so it shouldn't be hard to get work done from any competent mechanic.

    If you want a bunch of mods I recommend just buying a modded car from Japan (not installing the mods but buying a modified one already). This is where having a very good, honest and competent Exporter will come into play, do not cheap out here if going this route.

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