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    Hi Everyone,

    I have started some video series pages on my YouTube channel that you may find interesting and may give you a better and real idea of how the auctions work and some other interesting things/facts about the auctions/exporting from Japan. A degree of the information and what I show will be stuff that will make you as the public think "I never knew that" and some exporters will also have this same thought because a lot of exporters in Japan do not see the other side of the fence simply because they are relying on their auction agent for information since they do not have their own "direct" auction membership.

    I will also include walk around/s of the auctions (yes I know this has already been done by many) drive around/s inside of the auctions (now that is a bit different), auction via drone (practicing at the moment) picking vehicles up from auctions, what we as agents with our own full auction membership see (buying /selling at auction) and how different this is compared to an agent without auction membership and so on.

    I have also included links to some of the vehicles I buy for customers & stock along with road test drive video's. I realize some of my road test drive video's (even my vehicle walk around/s) maybe boring to some of you but for someone who is thinking of a certain make/model may like them. Plus in some of the road test video's I talk about certain things like the auctions, exporting, what to look out for (fraud) etc, you may find helpful.

    As I cannot embed YouTube "playlists" on here and I do not want to turn this thread into 100+ pages of individual videos - if you click on the playlist photo that interests you it will take you to the playlist on YouTube, the latest video will always be at the top on the playlist - as a side note some of the playlists are coming soon.

    As and when I add a new video to a playlist I will inform you on here - I will try to remember.

    Please understand, I am no movie director (I am an auction agent/car exporter), the videos are raw (not rehearsed), I do not have the gift of the gab, I tend to say things as they are and I am originally from New Zealand so I have some Kiwi slang breed into me.

    Finally, making videos is very time consuming so I only do them as and when I have time.



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