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Thread: UCF31 Celsior how to navigate the on-screen computer?

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    Default UCF31 Celsior how to navigate the on-screen computer?


    1. I keep getting a message in Japanese to insert the navigation disc. How do I update it for North America or disable it to get rid of the message?
    2. How do I change the time?
    If anyone has a general howto this would be useful.

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    The map disc is in the right side of the trunk. If you get this message "地図ディスクを読み込めません。正しいディスクを挿入してください", either the DVD or DVD reader might be damaged. You can try and get a LS430 map DVD and stick it in, no gurantee it will work though. As for disabling it, I don't have the car so I can't help you there.

    As for the time, it's GPS-controlled so you need the map navigation working.

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    Thanks for the great info. I don't know where the pic of what was on the scren is but my father-in-law had a friend translate it and it said to insert the navigation DVD. I'm sure the reason is because it only has Japan maps and now it is out of Japan.

    I did not realize the time was GPS controlled based and that's a bit annoying for situations like these.

    Great info I hope you'll do a full introduction and keep contributing.
    Does anyone know if the USDM map discs for the LS430 would work or where I can find the disc or download for it?

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    Default How To Change Time

    There is a manual option I found by fluke:

    1. Press the button 3 rows down on the right.
    2. Press top right on screen menu option.

    3. Set the GPS option as shown (select gray option button)

    Press H and M to set the time.

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    Does anyone know how to get rid of this message? I believe it says to insert the navigation dvd which I do not have.

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