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Thread: DIY: JZX100 Cabin Filter Change

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    Default DIY: JZX100 Cabin Filter Change

    I recently decided to change out the cabin filter in my 04 FXT which was easy and straight forward, just 9 easy to access screws around the glove box. Then did the girlfriends 07 Camry which didn't require any tools. So I figured I might as well do my JZX100's. Well... Its not nearly as straight forward as it should be.

    It only took like like 25 minutes to do it for the first time, I followed pictures from the Russian Touer V site. But even with translate it was difficult to understand.

    The filter is located behind the glove box like most cars.

    Step 1

    Use a flat screw driver to remove the 4 on the left, requires only a half turn and these clips pop out. The one furthest to the right is just a phillip screw underneath the little screw cover that comes off by popping it with a flathead.

    Step 2

    Open the glovebox and remove these two screws.

    Step 3

    Down by the door frame you need to just pull the bottom plastic cover out a little bit to expose the last screw. Now you can almost pull the glovebox out.

    Step 4

    The last step to removing the glovebox is to just use a flathead and pop this connector out of its clips, it comes out really easily. Just set aside.

    Now your glovebox pulls out easily. Just set it aside.

    Step 5

    Got lots of little screws to deal with now. The first six are pretty easy to get to.

    Step 6

    You'll want to pop this clip here to allow that piece to move out of the way a bit, its attached with a screw behind it, I only loosened the screw a few turns for extra movement because I don't think its an easy one to put back in.

    Step 7

    This step involves removing 5 screws from the bottom side of the air filter box. I didn't get pictures of every one but they are easy to spot when you get your head under there. 2 on each side and 1 for the wire harness clip.

    Step 8

    Now you shouldn't have any issue removing that front cover. Since those screws underneath are removed you can gently push that bottom cover down a bit then push the front cover down as well until it clears the 3 tabs located at the top. Then pull the cover off slightly, you'll want to have a knife or cutters to slice the gasket shown in the picture. If you don't you'll end up pulling a bunch of it out as it all seems to be connected together.

    That's it! Here is a picture of what mine looked like inside. I have a red arrow pointing towards a 4in tree needle that was in there.

    You can see its filthy and there wasn't a filter fitted! This seems to be the case most of the time. I didn't have a replacement filter on hand since they seem to an international item only. I just vacuumed it out for now. Next time I make an order on partsouq I'll add a couple to the cart. From what I understand you will one 88508-22020 filter which should look like this from what I can find online. Current price on partsouq is $31.06usd.

    And the worst part is that Toyota didn't make this an easy task. Really all you should have had to do was the first step which involves removing the 4 plastic clips underneath the glovebox which allows you to pull out that plastic cover underneath the glove box. It seems Toyota almost fitted an easy cabin filter compartment door here but didn't really... You can see it in this picture.

    That's all, hope it helps. I'll update when I get the oem filter in and installed.
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    Excellent write up, thanks! I also deleted your old post as requested.
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    I really need to do this... Thanks for taking the time to post this thread up!

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