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Thread: Problem with Steven Smith:Owner of Sastrad KK, Japan

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    Hey, Im another one of Steves "Happy" customers.

    Ive been creeping since i got the feeling he burnt me back in April 2017. Long story short he owes me a 2001 CRV that i won at auction back in February of this year. I hope this piece of trash gets what he deserves... we will find him.

    add me to the list!
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    I registered to post in this thread, as it was a big shock but not altogether surprising to actually find out what Steven Smith of Sastrad KK has been doing since I last heard from him in August 2015.

    I have a slightly different connection with Steve to some other horror stories Iíve been reading on these forums from people buying a vehicle from him. But every interaction I had with him mirrors the experiences and reviews Iíve read here. He was very communicative, when he was following up on my initial money deposit, but once he had my money, then no response to messenger, Skype, email for months at a time...

    Iím another victim of Steveís lies and constant non-replies to emails.
    I supplied 5,000,000 Yen startup capital with him for Acme KK Dismantling business which he setup in 2013. The guy basically stole my money, and my friends money (10,000,000 Yen + from him).

    Steve had no accountability or transparency about the financials, never replied to emails promptly, always seemed to be giving excuses, or didnít want to talk about business on weekends or after hours that he would be delegating it to someone else to follow up on. All I know is that our funds were used to pay for the dismantling license for SASTRAD KK. What I suspect is that he misappropriated our funds to pay for the rental of his Sastrad KK company and Pitstop

    It was a very painful and stressful experience, and I would dearly love to recoup anything via a Japanese lawsuit with other people considering taking action. I have all details of my deposit into Sastrad KKs account, and copies of emails, chat transcripts... over the period of time 13 July 2013 - 26 August 2015.

    Last I heard he was escaping to the Philippines, but as he still has a family in Nagoya, he must come back to Japan to see them...

    please add me to the list!
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    It seems people are still having issues with Steven Smith to this day. I'd like to provide some advice and point you in the right direction.

    Steven Smith's company, Sastrad KK is registered as a KK (Kabushiki Kaisha). That means he assumes liability for his company.

    Steven Smith owns a mountain in Nagano. He uses it for LARP. He owns more than one residence.
    Suffice to say, he has significant assets to pursue a lawsuit with.

    Steven Smith is one the founding members of TJCS (Tokai Japan Canada Society).
    TJCS is responsible for business relations between Canada and Japan.

    I strongly recommend a lawyer be contacted in Japan who speaks English. TJCS may even assist with that.


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