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Thread: Problem with Steven Smith:Owner of Sastrad KK, Japan

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    Exclamation Problem with Steven Smith:Owner of Sastrad KK, Japan

    Hi there,

    We are reaching out to the community to help us deal with a situation that we have had over the course 2016. We are a small parts company in Canada. We regularly bought speciality parts from Japan through a company called Essex County JDM Tuners. They are located in Ontario so visiting them was easy, and they are very easy to deal with. We have never had an issue before with them until they started using an exporting company called Sastrad KK. The fellow that I have directly contacted a few times myself, his name is Steven Smith the owner of the company Sastrad in Japan. Webpage-sastrad dot com. The problem is not with the company we use for specialty parts here in Canada, Essex County JDM Tuners. The problem is with this Steve. I have seen the emails personally and the wire transfers to prove that this Steve character has indeed been paid for all of the parts and vehicles that we have ordered from Japan.

    To say the least he is very unprofessional and always has an excuse as to why things are not shipped, or lack of communication.
    A small run down of all the things that have happened:
    Three vehicles were supposed to be booked on shipping vessels numerous times, and were not. (It has actually been about 6 months for one of the vehicles). He has put them at port, with no schedule of shipping for months. Who pays for damages when our vehicles sit there for months on end? On top of that, they were sent to the WRONG port. They were originally going to Nova Scotia Canada, but Steve was taking so long to get a quote for this service, that he was finally told to just ship them to British Columbia, Canada. No one told him to send the vehicles to port in the first place, and one of the vehicles was leaking oil, which was supposed to be looked at by Sastrad KK, but was obviously not. Essex County JDM Tuners received an email from Steve last week saying that the cars are booked for the 15th. But he has failed to update us since. We do not know if the cars are even actually booked, or if this is just another one of the many fibs from Sastrad KK.

    Another thing. We have a bit of money invested into parts from Japan. We have been slowly building a parts cache over in Japan with Steve. However, he was told to ship this container months ago, and we still have yet to hear ANYTHING about the container status, or if he even has the intentions of following through with a service he has already been paid for, he charges 20% on all items by the way, so he is making some hard cash on most items, so there is no excuse for all of this. He emailed Essex County JDM Tuners last week, saying, and I quote: "Hi there
    We will be shipping out your container this month. That's no problem. Also the cars are being booked. I have to have them moved from Nagoya port to Kobe.
    Steve". This has been the response every week for a while now. At this point I would advise anyone from using him. I do believe that Steve is on this website, if he wishes to challenge these accusations, we have the emails to back everything up. From what we hear though, he has gone dark on everyone, so I do doubt we will hear from him on this forum.

    Does anyone have any info on what the next steps can be? He is a registered dealer in Japan, and posts on other sites. As well, he has a dismantling license. There has to be something that can be done. He is a Canadian, and I have seen on his facebook that he visits every year. If anyone has any ideas please let us know. We are working with Essex County JDM Tuners in trying to have this resolved as quickly as possible.

    This HAs been the regular for over a year now. Does not ship parts on time, looses parts. No communication for weeks. Bad excuses. Just all around bad business, STAY AWAY from Sastrad KK in Japan. DO NOT DEAL WITH STEVEN SMITH.

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    It seems like everyday there is another issue with Steve. This is just terrible all around. I wish I could help you out about what his next step would be, but he does not respond to me anymore either. I have been dealing with my own issue regarding my blown up STI he exported for me.

    Have you tried contacting him through Skype? That seems to be the only way he ever talked to me. I would get the odd email but Skype was always the way he would communicated.

    He mentioned to me that he had the dismantling license and I thought about bringing cover a container, but after reading through your experience and dealing with my blown up STI, I defiantly will not be doing anymore business with SASTRADKK.

    I will be discussing with the forum owner about our sponsor(SastradKK). Hopefully he will be removed from this forum, so others will not end up in our shoes.

    I really hope you get your parts, but don't hold your breath...
    2001 CDM ITR #01-1324
    2018 Civic SI FC3

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    Essex County asked us to update the forum. Steve is going through quite a trial in his personal life all at once. He is assuring everyone that he is not looking to scam anyone, and is doing all he can to provide service as soon as he can. I will update the forum as to what comes of this. I was asked to remove my thread, but I will not be doing this until we are provided a reason to.

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    @horizonperformance Are you Horizon Performance or are you Essex County JDM tuners?
    You seem to have quite high for them but you also have the exact same phone number and similar online presence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meka View Post
    @horizonperformance Are you Horizon Performance or are you Essex County JDM tuners?
    You seem to have quite high for them but you also have the exact same phone number and similar online presence.
    I am a close friend with the owner of Essex County JDM, and no we do not have the same phone number. But we do alot of the same things, mostly selling parts in Canada and the USA however. Where Essex sells specialty parts and imports vehicles.

    I'm not really sure what that has to do with the issue at hand anyways.

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    HorizonPerformance; Send me an email and I may have some info for you with regard to Steve Smith

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    bump, any updates?

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    Default Same story here.

    Hello, I just registered to this forum specificaly to reply here.

    I have ordered 7 Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo Kei trucks from Sansrad KK, Steven Smith, Steven A. Smith on November 5th 2015.

    He was suppose to convert to LHD and export within 8 weeks.
    We are now November 17th 2016.

    After loosing contact for a while, he promised it would not happen again and that we would be in touch weekly - That was 8 months ago.

    I learned he couldn't do the conversions 6 months ago.

    Thanks to a container forwarder, I found out where the trucks were.He was tryint to ship an uncompleted job!!

    Found out Steven has changed the order (Not the trucks we ordered)
    I manage to stall the trucks and found Global Auto Trading to help out.
    Together, we have been trying to get the trucks out of that storage yard and converted.

    Steven keep's us from doing so, even if the trucks are completely payed.

    My contact in Japan even traveled 400km by train, rented a car, slept over to see the vehicules himself as planned with steven and with the permission of the yard owner.

    Steven showed up today and kicked him out of the yard.
    I got pictures and found bad condition trucks (will not start, interior roof pannel toarn, front grill broken, empty tanks, really empty...)

    Any information and collaboration will be helpfull.
    It is a shame he completely lost his reputation - or now making a really really bad one.

    Thanks for any info on

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    So sorry to hear this! It is very unfortunate that Steve has completely went off the grid. So many un happy customers, including myself. I hope you get everything straighten out, but don't hold you breath.
    2001 CDM ITR #01-1324
    2018 Civic SI FC3

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    From what I discovered, I'd be number 13 in a long list of unsatisfied customers still waiting for delivery. Apparently, 3 or 4 of them (who ordered containers of vehicules) are teaming up and hired a Japanese lawyer based in the US. I'm shure Steven is not a crook, but for now, the situation is totally out of control... We all wish the situation get's a good fix...

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