Hello to All,

New to this forum.
Ive found some great info/comments on this website in my search to import a vehicle from Japan, so thank you all.

As my topic says, I'd like to know how to avoid the pitfalls in an auction where the customer's agent in Japan negotiates a a final price for an auction.
As Ive been watching some auctions, Ive noticed some completed ones showing "negotiate and sold" posted in the completed auction listing with no start or final price (auctions that have no reserve price, or do all auctions have a reserve price?)

My concerns:

1) if this is negotiated, how does the buyer protect himself from not overpaying for the final price when its not posted for the rest of the public to see? or is it posted later?

2) I've heard of agents that have "marked up" the negotiated price presented to the buyer (ie. actual negotiated price is say $300000Yen and its been presented to the buyer as a negotiated price of $360000Yen as an example)

3) Since the buyer is the defacto owner, is he entitled to get a real copy of the negotiated final price directly from the Auction House?
If so how would this be established?

4) Ive also heard stories of agents that act on behalf of a buyer (with a maximum bid) and unknown to the buyer until the auction is complete, they have been informed they won but not informed they won thru negotiation.
Is this common?

Just trying to understand this type of process.