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Thread: Start buying JDM Half-cuts and parts

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    Hi Guys.
    I have a business in Potugale to sell European car parts and performance parts. I wanna expand my business and what I'm searching is a good opportunity to start a good connection with Japanese car parts.
    What I need to buy mostly is some JDM Car half cuts and maybe some "bulk" parts like engines and other minor parts like brakes / wheels. I'm more focused in some half-cuts of Subaru Impreza STI , Honda Civic Type R EP3 , Honda Integra Type R , 2JZ , + others half-cuts and other parts from other cars like complete engines with gearboxes etc..
    I have address in UK if this helps with the negotiation with customs and a better price on shipping.
    Thanks for your time. I hope you can help me.

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    Hi PPiKo, did you find anyone that provides this service in Japan?

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    hello wills,
    I have the exact same model, which have a problem with the lcd, I sure can use the parts, please PM me if you still have the parts available. thanks - kumar-

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