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    First post for me.

    I have been doing a lot or research (lurking) working towards importing / buying my first JDM. Not being in my twenties anymore, skylines and such are not for me. I'm looking more for that camping vehicle and am bouncing back and forth between a Delica and a Forester. Quite a difference for sure. Right now I am leaning towards the Forester.

    In doing my research I have focused a lot on what it will take to keep the car going. So I have found that the forester is great in that a lot of the parts for the JDM version are available in Canada. In fact I have created a spreadsheet with the JDM part numbers and confirmed that they are available in Canada either on the domestic forester in the case off running gear, or on a WRX in the case of the engine. The area I run into a dead end is the cooling system and in particular, the radiator. That might not be a big deal, except I have gone to look at two private sale foresters and both were having issues with the radiator. They are not repairable as it is the plastic parts that give up.

    So I was wondering how people go about getting parts like the radiator for a 1998 - 2001 forester when there are no equivalent in Canada.


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    Welcome in the worst case just find the JDM part number and order from Japan or Subaru of Canada. I would imagine there should be a local match that would fit though.

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    I found to be pretty great for JDM cars. OEM parts supplier, and the only website I found that's english and shows all the diagrams and every single possible part for my JZX100.

    And most parts are a lot cheaper then the dealership, and only takes about 3-4 days to get the parts to Canada.
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    I'm going to check this site out as well! Nice find.
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